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Sunday, January 25, 2015

If Clause, Exercise 6

 Choose the correct answer:

If Darren hadn't wasted his Christmas bonus gambling in Las Vegas, he -------- to Mexico with us next month. 
a. would have gone          
b. went               
c. would go             
d. would had gone

If I ------- French in high school, I would have more job opportunities. 
a. would take              
b. had took            
c. had taken                      
d.  would be taking

If I had --- enough money, I would have gone with him.
a. ---            
b. had                     
c. had had                     
d. been

If I ----- my job I would not have enough money to live in Colombia, currently.
a. had quit                        
b. quit                     
c. quitted                    
d. had quitted

If I ----------- with Frank, I would not be so lonely at the moment.
a. went                           
b. had gone                   
c. would go                  
d. gone

If you ------ to Ireland, you`ll need a raincoat.
a. went                 
b. would go               
c. go                       
d. goes

The zookeeper would have punished her with a fine if she ----- the animals.
a. had feed                   
b. had feded                    
c. fed                     
d. had fed

If the storm had not frightened them, the kids -------------the whole night.
a. would sleep                 
b. would have slept                
c. would have sleep          
d. slept

If I’d studied harder at school I --------- to university.
a. would go               
b. would have gone       
c. had gone       
d. would had gone

We --------  if you hadn’t given me the wrong directions.
a. would have got lost
b. would lose    
c. wouldn`t have got lost      

d. had got lost

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