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Monday, May 25, 2015

Do vs. Make, Exercise 1


 Choose the correct answer:                             
1. What did you do / make at the weekend?
2. 3. It's been a pleasure doing / making business with you.
4. I have to go home and do / make some chores this afternoon.
5. She sat on the sofa, doing / making a crossword and drinking tea.
6. She had toothache, so she did / made an appointment with the dentist for the following day.
7. Unfortunately, Lucy does / makes a lot of work at the weekends.
8. I've done / I`ve made my decision. I'm going back to university.
9. She did a cake last night / She made a cake last night.
10. She did very badly on the exam, so she'll have to retake it / She made very badly on the exam, so she'll have to retake it.

Choose the correct verb:
1. I need to _______ my homework.
 a) do                   b) make

2. She _____ a lot of money at her new job.
 a) does                b) makes

3. Tomorrow he will ______ some exercise. 
  a) do                 b) make

4. Did you _____ your bed this morning? 
a) do                    b) make

5. I can't _____ cookies for the party.
 a) do                     b) make

6. Please ______ the dishes after dinner.
a) do                        b) make

7. Can you ______ me a favour? 
a) do                    b) make

8. Tonight I will ______ my History assignment.
a) do                      b) make

9. I have to go home and _____some chores this afternoon.
a) do                   b) make
10. The storm has ____ a lot of damage to the house.
a) done              b) made

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