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Monday, November 14, 2016

Confused Verbs Exercise

             Frequently - Confused Verbs

Identify whether the verb or compound verb is correctly used:
1. The leftover casserole has been setting in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

2. The cows were laying in the field even though it was raining.

3. Set that vase on the sideboard.

4. The beavers spent the afternoon lying new branches on the lodge.

5. John argues that setting in a rocking chair is a form of aerobic exercise.

6. The entire cub pack suddenly sitted down.

7. While they were lying the new linoleum, the boys listened to music.

8. The cat preferred to set on the dining room table.

9. After the clerk had laid the fabric on the table, Willa saw several small grease spots.

  10. While Charlene and Shasta were sitting the post in the concrete, they were harassed by clouds of black flies.

11. Mary laid down for a short nap before the exam.

12. We have set here four hours and still haven't caught a fish.

13. After lying the egg carton on the counter,Beverly began to search for the frying pan.

14. After she had sat the bags of groceries down, she was able to find her door keys.

15. Charlie and Kim lied in the sun all afternoon.

16. The youngest child usually sets in a special chair.

17. We spent the morning lying on the sofa watching cartoons instead of raking the leaves.

18. Bryson carefully sits the bamboo bridge on the counter.

19. The records were ruined because they had laid on top of the radiator all weekend.

20. Lie those boxes on the top shelf in the garage.

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