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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Verb *Wish*, Exercise 1

Choose the correct answer:

1. She failed most of her exams, and now she wishes she __________ harder.
a. works                        b. worked                   
c. would work               d. had worked

2. I had to get the bus to work every day. I wish I __________ a car.
a. have got                     b. had                       
c. would have                 d. had had

3. The weather's terrible today. I wish it __________ a bit warmer.
a. is                             b. was                
c. would be                 d. had been

4. It really annoys me that you never do anything around the house! I wish you __________ from time to time.
a. wash up                      b. washed up               
c. would wash up           d. had washed up

5. I missed my English class yesterday because I went to the doctor's. I wish I __________ it.
a. don't miss                   b. didn't miss           
c. wouldn't miss             d. hadn't missed

6. The last bus always seems to leave early. I wish the driver __________ until the right time before leaving.
a. waits                      b. waited                   
c. would wait             d. had waited

7. My sister will have to cancel her party next week. She wishes she __________ cancel it, but she's broken her leg.
a. doesn't have to     b. won't have to      
c. didn't have to        d. wouldn't have to

8. We went to a new restaurant for lunch and I've been feeling sick all afternoon. I wish we __________ there.
a. go                             b. didn't go              
c. wouldn't go              d. hadn't gone

9. The two brothers are always fighting. Their mother wishes they __________.
a. don't                    b. won't               
c. wouldn't              d. hadn`t

10. I gave that man in the pub my phone number. I wish I __________.
a. won't                   b. didn't have                     
c. wouldn't              d. hadn't

11. My flat is cold. I wish _________
a. it wasn't                 b. weren`t          
c. wouldn`t be           d.  couldn`t be

12. You smoke. I wish ________
a. you wouldn't smoke          
b. didn`t smoke        
c. hasn`t smoked        
d. hadn`t smoked      
13. She told him! I wish______________.
a.  she hadn't told him            
b. she didn`t tell him           
c. haven`t told him           
d. hasn`t told him

14. You were too slow getting ready to go out. I wish you ____ so slow getting ready.
a. haven`t been                b. hadn`t been             c. wouldn`t be                  d. won`t be

15. Now we've missed the train. I wish we _______ the train.
a. haven`t missed                  
b. won`t miss                 
c. hadn`t missed      
d. couldn`t miss

16. I promised our friends we'd arrive on time. I wish I _________ we'd arrive on time, because now they'll be waiting for us.
a. wouldn`t promise            
b. hadn`t promise               
c. didn`t promised       
d. hadn`t promised

17. I wish you ___________phone me so early in the morning.
a. wouldn`t                        b. won`t       
c. didn`t                             d. couldn`t

18. I wish you _____ wait until later, because I don`t have the time to finish my report.
a. didn`t wait                    b. wait                  
c. would wait                     d. had waited

19. I wish you _________ me when you're going to be late. It`s disturbing.
a. told                b. would tell                 
c. have told       d. were

20. I haven't got any money. I wish I _____some money.
a. were             b. had been                     
c. had               d. would had

21. I don't earn much money. I wish I _______ some more money.
a. earn                       b. had earned                       c. had earn                d. Earned

22. We're all living in a small flat.
a. I wish we weren't living in a small flat.
b. I wish we were living in a small flat.
c. I wish we lived in a bigger flat.

23. Those children are really noisy
a. I wish they were quieter
b. I wish they would be quiet
c. If only they had been quiet

24. It's very hot.
a. I wish it were cooler       
b. I wish it would rain tomorrow           
c. If only it had rained

25. I wish I  ------     the answer, but I don't.
know      knew    had known      would know

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