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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Error Correction, Exercise 2

Identify the error(s) (if any) in the sentences below. Some sentences may contain more than one error. Correct them all.

A dog bitted the postman as he was passing by a fence.

On the chair was a white beautiful cat.

Everybody believed they are still in love and one journalist even asked whether would they give him an interview.

The news were being widespread about the miners’ having stroked gold.

Somebody must have remembered him to pay the bill.

This cupboard is containing the new equipment.

The students have never been explained the problem properly.

I never watched TV in the evening.

There was the most beautiful girl in that room.

Everybody thought she has been dying her hair for years.

Could you please remember me to ring him up at 5.00?

Why didn’t you lie the table? You know we’ve got guests tonight.

No, don’t buy tea.  She uses to drink coffee in the morning.

The analyses which they came up with was incredible.

They have never met anyone nice somewhere.

They insist that he left at once.

It surprised me them finding him there.

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