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Welcome !

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Test 1

Choose the right answer: 

I'm going to meet... professor James.
an;  b) the;  c) a;  d) –

The little boy feared lest he ... punished by his mother. 
would be; b) should be;  c) could be;  d) were

Our advice was for them ... until the morning came. 
wait;  b) to wait;  c) should wait;  d) waited

May I suggest that you ... your mind? 
make up;  b) would make up; c) made up;  d) shall make up

Her only wish was that her children ... there for her last days.
 a] would be       b] could be      
 c] being              d] should be

I'd rather you ... mention it to my parents.
haven't;  b) will not; c) didn't;  d) don't

If only you ... me earlier! 
a) have told;  b) told;  c) had told;  d) would tell

Even if they ... ready, nothing would have changed.
a) were;  b) would be;  c) are;  d) had been

I wish you ... leaving! 
a) aren't;  b) weren't;  c) wasn't;  d) wouldn't be.

I wish I ... better for the exams! 
a) study;  b) had studied;  c) would study;  d) have studied

... he to agree to our proposal, we could go on with the project.
a) Was;  b) Is;  c) Were; d) Would

In this forest there are many .... 
a) wolves; b) wolfves;  c) wolfes

It is only fair that you ... the truth.
a) knew;  b) may know;  c) would know;  d) should know

Why ... the bus now? 
a) don't get on;  b) not get on;  c) not to get on;  d) not getting on

All the ... were covered with snow. 
a) roofvs;  b) roves;  c) roofs; d) roofes

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