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Friday, April 6, 2018

If Clause, Exercise 18

A. Complete the exercise with If or Unless. 

 1. -------- you drive more carefully, you will have an accident. 

 2. ---------- you prune these trees, they won’t grow well. 

 3. He’ll get lost ---------------someone shows him the way. 

 4. ---------------- you practice your English, you can improve it quickly. 

 5. ------------------ you don’t hurry, you’ll be late for school again. 

 6. ---------------- there is oxygen, fire cannot burn. 

 7. --------------------you go to bed late, you’ll feel tired in the morning. 

 8. My parents will be angry ---------------------- I pass my exams. 

 9. You can’t travel abroad -----------------you don’t have a passport. 

10. You can’t watch TV ----------------you finish your homework. 

11.-------------------they lower the price, I won’t buy that computer. 

B. Complete the exercise with If or When. 

1. -------------------I am late this evening, don’t wait for me. 

2. ---------- I don’t see you tomorrow, I will phone you. 

3. Do you mind --------------I close the window? 

4. ---------------------- I get up in the morning I usually drink a cup of coffee. 

5. Have something to eat. ---------------you don’t eat now, you’ll be hungry later. 

6. John is still at school. ------------------- he leaves, he wants to go to university. 

7. Be careful! ----------------you aren’t careful, you’ll fail. 

8. -------------I see him, I will tell you right away.

9. Please call us ---------------- you arrive.

10. I am going to tell her --------------- she comes.

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