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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Subject - Verb Agreement, Exercise 4

Choose the correct answer:

1. The cost of mattresses has/have gone up lately.

2. People often forget/forgets the importance of free time.

3. Brown rice is/are nutritious.

4. The homework for those classes is/are very time-consuming.

5. The equipment in those storage rooms is/are used by gym classes.

6. Unfortunately, many children in Mexico City lives/live on the streets.

7. My notes from that class isn’t/aren’t very hard to read.

8. Iron rusts/rust easily in wet weather.

9. The buildings under the bridge seems/seem empty.

10. The students in her class doesn’t/don’t like her exams.

11. Under the pillow is/are a quarter.

12. In the sky is/are millions of stars.

13. One of my friends is/are from France.

14. Everyone in my family likes/like bright colours.

15. Both of those teachers gives/give a lot of homework.

16. Each of the girls is/are wearing her best dress.

17. Nobody likes/like that restaurant.

18. Something is/are worrying them.

19. They love the view of the river valleys which spreads/spread in three directions.

20. From the mountain top, everyone seems/seem to see something different.

21. Paul notices/notice the sky, and Terry watches/watch the rivers’ paths.

22. Both of the children likes/like to look at the houses which sits/sit on the hillsides.

23. Neither notices/notice the sky.

24. Older people, especially older women, frequently get / gets osteoporosis.

25. Osteoporosis is / are a condition which cause calcium deficiency in bones.

26. Some of the staff is / are complaining about the change in policy.

27. The statistics was / were reported in the newspaper.

28. This species is / are endangered. 

29. When the couple next door is / are arguing, everyone on the street can hear them.

30. A couple of my teeth has / have cavities.

31. These scissors isn't / aren't very sharp.

32. All of the news has / have been encouraging so far.

33. Peaches and cream is / are my favorite dessert.

34. No one in our family has / have ever been to California.

35. So my sister and her friends think / thinks they'll go.

36. My mother and father intend / intends to drive to Pennsylvania.

37. Either you or your friends take / takes the furniture out of the garage.

38. My dog and cats chase / chases each other all the time.

39. Neither science nor math gives / give me a problem.

40. Either the cat or the dogs greets / greet me at the door.

41. Neither the men who are listed as administrators nor the woman who is also listed has / have been appointed to the board.

42. Either my cousin or my uncle was / were on the critical list.

43. Neither Ms. Jones nor a member of her staff is / are going to attend the meeting.

44. There go / goes one of the men who will conduct the research. 

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