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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Verb Tenses, Test 16

Part A.
Directions: In each of these sentences and questions, put the verb in the form of the past perfect continuous tense.

1. Before he was a cook, Kevin -------------------------------- at a golf course as a caddy. (work)

2. Samantha ----------------------------------- on a big refund during tax season, but she didn't get it. (count)

3. People in Minnesota ----------------------------- forward to the Vikings playing in the Super bowl, but they lost the final game in the playoffs. (look)

4. Maria divorced her husband, Phil, because he ---------------------enough time with her. (spend-- negative)

5. We -------------------------------- to move to California, but then we reconsidered our decision due to all of the natural disasters that haven taken place there over the last decade. (plan) 

Part B.
Directions: Choose between the present perfect continuous tense or the past perfect continuous tense.

1. Oscar has been working / had been working at the same restaurant for the last ten years.

2. Daniel was fired last year because he has been stealing / had been stealing from the company he worked for.

3. A construction company has been clearing / had been clearing the land for a new office building since last year.

4. Sara has been feeling / had been feeling sick until she visited the doctor.

5. David has been going / had been going through cancer treatment before he was cured.

6. Where have you been working / had you been working in the last few years?

7. The students at our school have been studying / had been studying hard in preparation for exams.

8. If he hasn`t been paying / hadn't been paying attention while driving, he would have hit the deer as it crossed the road.

9. Olympic athletes have been training / had been training for the upcoming games in South Korea.

10. Bill was all sweaty when he arrived at the office because he has been riding / had been riding his bike.

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