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Welcome !

Friday, November 30, 2018

Verb *WISH*, Exercise 3


Choose the correct answer:

1. I wish our team ______ .
did win                  had won                    has won

2. If only I ______ the guitar!
   can play                 will play            could play

3. I wish I ______ a million dollars.
   have             will have        had

4. If only we ______ the wrong road!
 hadn't taken      had taken          haven't taken

5. I wish they ______ us they were coming early.
 had told          have told                  did tell

6. If only you ______ how to swim when you were younger!
 have learned       will learn            had learned

7. I wish we ______ that house.
   will buy            could buy                bought

8. I wish you ______ how surprised she was.
   could have seen           saw               have seen

9. I wish that warbler ______ closer so I could get a picture.
   would come       will come                has come

10. If only it ______ raining!
   can stop               will stop              would stop

11. They wish their neighbors ________ singing at night.
    could stop          stopped               would stop

12. She is lonely. She wishes she________more people.
     meet                     met                     had met    

13. I wish I didn`t have to go to work on Saturday.
This refers to the future    /  This refers to the past

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