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Welcome !

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Phrasal Verbs, Exercise 1


PHRASAL VERBS | Using phrasal verbs in everyday situations

 REMEMBER: Several answers might be acceptable - choose the best one:

1. Are you guys still fighting? No, we made ___________ ( = reconciled) yesterday.
a) up b) over c) around

2. I just wanted to follow ___________ on what we talked about last week.
a) in b) up c) around

3. Whatever you do, don’t bring ___________ ( = start talking about) what happened in Paris.
a) around b) up c) on

4. I ran ___________ my professor at the bus stop. ( = I met him by chance)
a) away b) into c) around

5. We ran ___________ of sugar = We have no more sugar
a) away b) along c) out

6. He always plays ___________ ( = emphasizes) the fact that he was raised in a bad neighborhood.
a) up b) over c) at

7. I talked her ___________ buying ( = convinced her to buy) a Toyota.
a) around b) away c) into

8. Don’t try to talk me ___________ of it. I’ve made a decision and I will stick to it.
a) around b) out c) away

9. To make a decision = To make ___________ your mind
a) up b) on c) upon

10. We’re looking ___________ ( = examining) the problem right now.
a) in b) into c) onto