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Monday, August 26, 2019

Sequence of Tenses, Exercise 1


Choose the correct answer:

1. “Well, I was just browsing / I just browsed some photo albums when I started / I was starting to remember our former classmates.”

2. “Oh, how nice! Did you laugh / Were you laughing when you saw our childish faces?”

3. “Not really. Some of us look the same. For example Damian… He has already divorced / had already divorced when I talked to him.”

4. “What happened? He is / is being one of the most intelligent boys.”

5. “Just his luck… When I met / meet him, he was applying for a position in a foreign company.”

6. “What about Alice? She married / had married by the time we graduated high-school.”

7. “I know. She has a company with her husband now. They were celebrating / celebrated her birthday at Miriam’s restaurant when I accidentally came across / was coming across them.

8. “Donna, I’m awfully sorry! I would absolutely like to chat with you, but I baked / was baking some cookies for a while when you called…”

9.”You Did you read / Have you read `Think and grow rich`?

10. “Not yet. I mean I started reading it five months ago, but I didn`t finish / haven`t finished it.”
11. “Do you mean you have been reading / have read it for a few months?”
12. “Well, not exactly. Meanwhile, I read / have read other books, too. I always liked Anthony Robbins. In fact I sent / have sent him an email. I waited / have been waiting for his answer since then.”
13. ”I see. Well, it seems that you were / have been very busy lately.

14. “How many times a week you do you see / are you seeing your grandparents?”

15. “I don`t see / I`m not seeing them very often .”

16. “Did you see / have you seen them today?

17. “No, not today. Today I had / I have had an appointment with my lawyer.”

18. I will stay here until the rain stops / will stop.

19. It`s time you stopped / have stopped feeling sorry for yourself / yourselves.

20. He hoped that he may / might get another chance. 

21. She plays the violin as if her life depends / depended on it.

22. She said she broke / was breaking the plate when she washed / was washing it.

23. They said that the Earth is / was round.

24.  He said he would come to see me after he finished / had finished work.

25. I will have finished studying / will finish studying by the time you come home.

26. She will go to England after she got / has got a visa.

27. Last year I worked more than I did / have done this year.

28. She promised / has promised her mother that she will help her.

29. I thought he would come if he has / had time.

30. He thought she has already come / she had already come.

31. I insist that you write / should write more carefully.

32. It is strange that he should not have accepted / should accept your invitation yesterday.

33. It was necessary that he act / should act like that.

34. John said that he would come when he could / can.

35. I was writing / wrote a letter when Tom was calling me up / called me up.

36. Father adviced / advised us not to go there / to not go there.

37. They found / were finding the book after you left / had left.

Translate into Romanian:

He should go now.                  
He must go now                              
He would go now…
He might go now.                   
He could go now.                             
He may go now.
He must go now.                     
He has to go now                            
He will go now.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Verb Tenses, Exercise 15

In the following exercise, you will be presented with sentences, some of which contain inconsistency of tense or other grammar problems.
Which sentences are correct?

Arlene asked he and I to complete the job.

Arlene asked he and me to complete the job.

The football match will be abandoned as it was raining so hard.

Arlene asked him and me to complete the job.

He and I completed the job for Arlene.

He and me completed the job for Arlene.

Jim wanted to visit his grandma but cannot find the money for a train ticket.

We were able to travel to Athens but could not find a hotel.

They left the house around eight, walked to town and end up in their favourite pub.

If I had seen the car earlier, I would have been able to avoid the accident.

You will never be a professional athlete because you didn't eat the right diet.

I couldn't come out with you because I don't have enough money.

She wants to visit India but she had not got enough money.

It is awful here; we could not see a thing.

We are walking along the river bank when the accident happened.

I wanted to travel to India with my friends, but I will not be able to find enough money.

She hated playing the piano, but can sing beautifully.

We left home first thing in the morning and arrive late at night.

We sneaked into the kitchen and raided the fridge.

Sam cooked a fantastic meal and then had to do all the washing up.

I got this souvenir when I was on holiday in India.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Adjectives & Adverbs, Exercise 1

Underline the correct answer

1. I often get nervous / shyly in new social situations.

2. I am confident / easily around new people.

3. I often feel excited / nervously before a party.

4. I feel uncomfortable / uncomfortably when I’m nervous.

5. I hope other people think I look attractive / confidently.

6. I try to be a nicely / friendly person.

7. I like to tell jokes and make people laugh. I tell jokes bad / well.

8. I get excited / well when I listen to music and sing along to the songs.

9. It’s never a problem for me to remember people’s names. I do that easily / automatic. 

10. I give my opinion when I feel strong / strongly about something.

11/ She is a very slow / slowly worker.

12. My mother speaks perfect / perfectly German.

13. It was raining very heavy / heavily.

14. He passed his test easy / easily.

15. We`ll have an accident if you don`t drive more careful / carefully.

16. I`ve never seene her dance so good / well.

17. I am real / really sure that I am right.

18. That was a stupid / stupidly thing to say.

19. She was smiling happy / happily.

20. You were very unlucky / unluckily to lose the game.

21. This soup tastes good / well.

22. She looked calm / calmly but I`m sure she was very nervous.

23. They always work very hard / hardly.

24. She often comes late / lately to class.

25.  She is a very good - looking / well - looking girl.

26. You are absolute / absolutely right.

27. Please be quiet / quietly. I`m trying to read.

28. I did really bad / badly in the Maths test.

29. I am extreme / extremely sorry I am late.

30. She can run quicker / more quickly than me.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Error Correction, Exercise 3

Correct the sentences below:

1. John has been working on the pilot project since two years.

2. When he entered the classroom the lecture already was beginning.

3. Mary has returned back her book in the library.

4. If Peter works hard he would get a good mark in the exam.

5. They turn up with the flying colours if they practised well.

6. If he told them about the route they would not have missed their way.

7. She would not have sent the mail if you did not instruct her.

8. If I had painted the picture well it would cost a great deal.

9. If the Manager had received your project on time he would not fire you.

10.The boy, together with his teachers and friends, are going to the beach.

11. A group of people are rushing into the hall.

12. The team is divided in different perspectives on the issue.

13. Neither the party leader nor the party workers was able to calm the distressed people.

14. Data is being collected by the media.

15. She is a real good singer.

16. All Computer Science students should learn computer operating, typing, and how to programme computers.

17. The Lawyer has been warning his clients  last Sunday.

18. Everybody on the board have to come to the discussion sessions.

19. How could they threaten you and she for this issue?

21. He is addicted at cricket, badminton and playing basket ball.

22. Neither his followers nor he were welcomed by the society.

23. Some of you will have to get their own ID cards for inspection.

24. If anyone peeps into the room, capture their photographs.

25. It must have been him who has sent this mail.

26. One should respect your motherland.

27. It happen only rarely in life.

28. Children is watering flowers in the garden.

29. They purchased a new air conditioner next month.

31. It begin to rain as soon as we stepped out of the house.

32. The mother was pray for her  child.

33. Among the two sisters, Hanna is a better dancer

34. The officer has given orders to his soldiers yesterday.

35. The girl sat down besides the lake.

36. The two brothers are quarrelling with one another 

37. He did all his work satisfactory.

38. They used to played cricket during their childhood.

39. Christa saw a lots of swans at the lake.

40. Is there some tea in the pot? 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Error Correction, Exercise 1

Correct the mistakes:

1. She recommended me that I take a few days off from work.
2. I tried to explain him the problem, but he had difficulty understanding me.
3. I don’t know why you didn’t go. If I were you, I should have gone.
4. Kate claims that if she got an MBA after finishing her bachelor’s degree, she might have been considered for the position.
5. Kevin says he stopped to travel internationally because of his family.
6. We regret informing you that your application has been denied.
7. The interview was broadcasted live over the internet.
8. I’m so glad that he spoke in my behalf because I felt awful that I couldn’t make it to the event.
9. At first I studied engineering in college, but I ended getting a marketing degree.
10. It was a frustrating situation because we were uncapable of helping.
11. When the check came, I tried to pay but John told me to put away my wallet and insisted that he paid for dinner.
12. They had managed a few crisises in the past, so they were able to handle this situation fairly well.
13. If you would’ve told me, I would have given you my honest advice.
14. The four participants discussed it between themselves.
15. We thought we were going to expand this year, but we actually have less people now than we did two years ago.
16. She’s trying to concentrate herself on finishing her degree.
17. Unfortunately, some species has got extinct due to human activity.
18. I’m a little afraid to do this by my own.
19. He told me that he had never been in that restaurant before.
20. Never before I had seen something quite like that.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sequence of Tenses, Exercise 2

Choose the correct answer:

1. I waited for my friend until he /had come / comes / came.

2. He ran as quickly as he /had been able / can / could.

3. He ran away because he /were afraid / was afraid / had been afraid.

4. He was so tired that he / can / could barely stand.

5. After the rain was over, the sun shone / shined / had shone out again.

6. His health has improved since he / left / has left / had left the city.

7. Whenever we meet we / talk / talked / had talked / of old times.

8. Wherever he preaches, people/ gather / gathers / gathered/ to listen.

9. Galileo maintained that the earth/ moves / moved /round the sun.

10. Newton discovered that the force of gravitation / makes / made / apples fall.

11. He rested his horse because it /limped / was limping / had been limping / for some time.

12. He said that he /had passed / passed / was passing / the examination.

13. The building will be demolished when school year / ends / will end / has ended.

14. She likes to display the miniature spoons she /has collected / had collected / collected / since her marriage to an antique dealer.

15. Suddenly we noticed that the clock / had stopped / has stopped / stopped

16. I never thought I / will see / would see / saw / him again.

17. The woman led me to her hut and / tells / told / has told / me to remain there over the night.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Verb Tenses, Test 9

Choose the correct answer.

1. After Jessica __ her degree, she intends to work in her father's company.
A. will finish 
B. will have finished 
C. finishes 
D. is finishing

2. By the time I go to bed tonight, I __ my work for the day.
A. will finish 
B. have finished 
C. will have finished 
D. finish

3. When my parents __ for a visit tomorrow, they will see our new baby for the first time. 
A. will arrive 
B. arrived 
C. will have arrived 
D. arrive

4. Mary looked down to discover a snake at her feet. When she saw it, she__.
A. was screaming 
B. had screamed 
C. screamed 
D. screams 

5. By the time Alfonso finally graduated from high school, he __ seven different schools because his parents moved frequently.
A. attended 
B. was attending 
C. had attended 
D. had been attending

6. Until you learn to relax more, you __ your ability to speak English.
A. haven't improved 
B. aren't improving 
C. don't improve 
D. won't improve

7. I borrowed four books on gardening the last time I __ to the library.
A. go 
B. went 
C. had gone 
D. have gone

8. Before I started the car, all of the passengers __ their seat belts. 
A. will buckle 
B. had buckled 
C. buckle 
D. have buckled

9. It seems that whenever I travel abroad, I ___ to take something I need.
A. forgot 
B. am forgetting 
C. forget 
D. had forgotten

10. When I see the doctor this afternoon, I ___ him to look at my throat.
A. will ask 
B. asked 
C. will have asked 
D. ask

11. After ancient Greek athletes won a race in the Olympics, they __ a simple crown of olive leaves.
A. received 
B. had received 
C. were receiving 
D. have received

12. After the race ___, the celebration began.

A. had been won 
B. is won 
C. will be won 
D. has been won