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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Academia de Politie *Alexandru Ioan Cuza*, Test 2017

1. __    had we arrived at the beach, when it ___pouring with rain.
a. Hardly / started                                  
b. No sooner / has started
c. The minute / started                           
d. As soon as / began

2. He explained __________ that unless he_________, he_________to go to prison.
a. to me / testified / would have       
b. me / didn`t testify / would have had
c. to me / would testify / had            
d. me / had testified / was

3. I have explained that she _________ the flute this time tomorrow.
a. was going to play                        b. will play
c. will be playing                            d. would be playing

4. Not until _____________ the trophy___________a speech in front of a large audience.
a. was she presented with / made          
b. she was presented / she has made
c. she was presented with / did she make     
d. she was offered / she made

5. Cand ti se va da acest telefon inteligent, sora ta iti va fi cumparat deja inca unul.
a. When you are given this smartphone, your sister will have already bought you another one.
b. When you will be given this smartphone, your sister will have already bought you another one.
c. When you are given this smartphone, your sister will have already buy you another one.
d. When are you given this smartphone, your sister will have already bought you another one.

6. She locked the door to avoid ______and slept like______.
a. being disturbed / a log                      
b. to be disturbed / a log
c. disturbing / a wood                           
d. to have been disturbed / a bear

7. A gold medal was shining on his chest. But for his parents` support, he ______ the first prize.
a. hadn`t won                             
b. wouldn`t have won
c. wouldn`t win                          
d. didn`t win

8. If I ________ a busy person, I ______them on that trip last weekend.
a. weren`t / would have joined            
b. hadn`t been / would join
c. wouldn`t be / would have joined     
d. weren`t / had joined

9. Unless you ________for help, you never______any support. That is the rule in our institution.
a. ask / get                           
b. will ask / get
c. don`t ask / will get          
d. ask / would get

10. We didn`t realize how serious the situation was.
a. Little did we realize how serious the situation was.
b. Little did we realize how serious was the situation.
c. Little we realized how serious the situation was.
d. Little had we realized how serious the situation had been.

11. __________you, I _____________everybody to do_______best to get over their differences.
a. Had I been / would have adviced / their
b. If I have been / would have advised / their
c. Had I been / would have adviced / its
d. Had I been / would have advised / their

12. A: `I will never __________this person again.`
      B: `_________.`
a. rely on / Neither will I.                       
b. rely in / Neither will I.
c. rely on / Neither won`t I.                    
d. rely on / Neither am I.

13. I need to learn lots of details about the Russian Revolution as we are having a test tomorrow! If only I _______ concentrate properly!
a. could                          
b. could have
c. can                             
d. am able to

14. He bought_____ for the trip lest he_______while hiking in the mountains.
a. some compasses / shouldn`t get lost        
b. a compass / should get lost
c. a compas / might get lost                  
d. some compasses / couldn`t get lost

15. I`d sooner he _______ . ________he done this, he wouldn`t____in prison now.
a. stayed with us / Would /  have been     
b. had stayed with us / Had / be
c. has stayed with us / Hadn`t / be           
d. didn`t leave / Have / have got

16. Bad news always _______me feel______.
a. make / miserable                    
b. makes / miserable
c. makes / miserably                  
d. make / miserably

17. I hardly know______in the neighbourhood who thinks _____ so of themselves!
a. anybody / highly               
b. nobody / highly
c. anybody / high                  
d. somebody / high

18. _______________, terrorism and globalization are two widespread____
a. In my standpoint / phenomenons    
b. From my standpoint / phenomenon
c. From my standpoint / phenomena   
d. By my standpoint / phenomena

19. You should avoid______so much on clothes. It has become typical ____you to spend money like_____.
a. to spend / for / nothing       
b. spending / of / water
c. spending / for / a tycoon     
d. to spend / of / thin air

20. __________the end of the week, we_______in Spain for a fortnight.
a. By / will have been       
b. Over / will have been
c. On / have been              
d. By / will be

21. What _______in ten _____time?
       I_______for this company for over a decade.
a. will you do / years / will be working
b. will you be doing / years / will have been working
c. will you have been doing / years / will have worked
d. will you be doing / years / will be working

22. It`s not worth________ to make yourself understood, they______ attention anyway.
a. trying / are not giving up        
b. to try / are not paying
c. try / are not paying                 
d. trying / are not paying

23. She clearly remembers ______the door before leaving the house and she can`t understand why______ open when she came back from work.
a. to lock / it was                
b. locking / was it
c. having locked / was it     
d. locking / it was

24. I can`t understand why she ______so stubborn today; _____she is more flexible,________?
a. is being / normaly /isn`t she       
b. is being / normally / isn`t she
c. is / normally / isn`t it        
d. has been / normaly / is she

25. If he________ in due time, which I _______, I _______let you know.
a. will arrive / strongly doubted / dare to
b. should arrive / doubt / will
c. might have arrived / would doubt / am bound to
d. happens to arrive / strong doubt / had better

26. Billy wants to buy the boat before his wife has_________.
a. a change of soul              
b. a shift in heart
c. a change of heart             
d. a swift of head

27. Three people have been arrested for _______possession of armaments in a police____.
a. ilegal / raid    
b. illegal / rail
c. illegal / raid   
d. unlegal / reid

28. There should be at least five extinguishers on _____. You _____ worry.
a. the premise / needn`t have to                    
b. the market / mustn`t
c. this building / ought to not                        
d. the premises / don`t need to

29. `I broke my leg while I was skiing`, she said.
a. She said she had broken her leg while skiing.
b. She said she had broke her leg while skiing.
c. She said she has broken her leg when she was skiing.
d. She said she had been breaking her leg when she was skiing.

30. A: `What did Peter suggest?`
      B: `He suggested ________ on a trip the next day`.
a. going
b. us to go
c. we to go
d. to going

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Error Correction, Exercise 3

Correct the sentences below:

1. John has been working on the pilot project since two years.

2. When he entered the classroom the lecture already was beginning.

3. Mary has returned back her book in the library.

4. If Peter works hard he would get a good mark in the exam.

5. They turn up with the flying colours if they practised well.

6. If he told them about the route they would not have missed their way.

7. She would not have sent the mail if you did not instruct her.

8. If I had painted the picture well it would cost a great deal.

9. If the Manager had received your project on time he would not fire you.

10.The boy, together with his teachers and friends, are going to the beach.

11. A group of people are rushing into the hall.

12. The team is divided in different perspectives on the issue.

13. Neither the party leader nor the party workers was able to calm the distressed people.

14. Data is being collected by the media.

15. She is a real good singer.

16. All Computer Science students should learn computer operating, typing, and how to programme computers.

17. The Lawyer has been warning his clients  last Sunday.

18. Everybody on the board have to come to the discussion sessions.

19. How could they threaten you and she for this issue?

21. He is addicted at cricket, badminton and playing basket ball.

22. Neither his followers nor he were welcomed by the society.

23. Some of you will have to get their own ID cards for inspection.

24. If anyone peeps into the room, capture their photographs.

25. It must have been him who has sent this mail.

26. One should respect your motherland.

27. It happen only rarely in life.

28. Children is watering flowers in the garden.

29. They purchased a new air conditioner next month.

31. It begin to rain as soon as we stepped out of the house.

32. The mother was pray for her  child.

33. Among the two sisters, Hanna is a better dancer

34. The officer has given orders to his soldiers yesterday.

35. The girl sat down besides the lake.

36. The two brothers are quarrelling with one another

37. He did all his work satisfactory.

38. They used to played cricket during their childhood.

39. Christa saw a lots of swans at the lake.

40. Is there some tea in the pot? 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Phrasal Verbs, Exercise 2

Choose the correct phrasal verb or / and preposition(s):

Now she …………….us as she got married…………….a manager.

a. looks above/to
b. look over/with
c. looks down on/to
d. looks up to/to

I hope this present has …….. the fact that I forgot your birthday.

a) set against           b) made up for    
c) settled up with     d) weighed up

You'll have to ____ if you want to get rid of that ache. Don't put ____ seeing your dentist. 

a) take out your tooth/up                 
b) get your tooth filled/off
c) take out your tooth/off                 
d) get your tooth filled/up

She does nothing but fret ____ her being overweight, yet she never tries to put an end ____ her craving ____ chocolate.

a) for/to/of       
b) at/at/in    
c) over/to/in                  
d) about/to/for

My sister's new laptop ____ quite often. The funny thing is that she always ____ by the people in the IT department.

a) breaks apart/has it upgraded            
b) crashes/had it seen to
c) breaks off/has it observed                
d) breaks down/has it checked

I fall ____ with my boss because he looks ____ me.

a) off/up to               
b) out /down on               
c) through/upon       
d) at / over

You have to comply ___ the rules in your department or you'll get ____.

a) with/sacked       b) on/fired             
c) in/retired            d) at/hired

You shouldn't frown ____ one trivial blunder! He was so engrossed ____ reading that he simply didn't ____ you.

a) over/with/observe     b) upon/in/notice     
c) with/in/greet              d) in/in/see

Last night there was a report about a mass ____ from a prison in Chicago during which five guards ____ dead as the prisoners were ____ their getaway.

a) break in/ have been shot/taking             
b) breakthrough/have shot/trying
c) breakout/were shot/making                   
d) break up/ were shooting/escaping

Mary's bad performance was put ____ her lack of practice.

a) off                           b) down to                        
c) up with                   d) on

The journalist was ____ that the actress would be there, so he could have been able to get an interview. Unfortunately, he ____ her bodyguard, who ____ out of nowhere.

a) called up/ didn't account for/came      
b) warned up/ hasn't thought about/turned up
c) spoken up/hadn't seen to/turned in     
d) tipped off/ hadn't allowed for/ cropped up

Mrs. Stewart can't go to work today because her child has gone ____ a mysterious illness. 
a) out with  b) down with  c) off to   d) in for

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adjectives & Adverbs, Exercise 1

Underline the correct answer

1. I often get nervous / shyly in new social situations.

2. I am confident / easily around new people.

3. I often feel excited / nervously before a party.

4. I feel uncomfortable / uncomfortably when I’m nervous.

5. I hope other people think I look attractive / confidently.

6. I try to be a nicely / friendly person.

7. I like to tell jokes and make people laugh. I tell jokes bad / well.

8. I get excited / well when I listen to music and sing along to the songs.

9. It’s never a problem for me to remember people’s names. I do that easily / automatic. 

10. I give my opinion when I feel strong / strongly about something.

11/ She is a very slow / slowly worker.

12. My mother speaks perfect / perfectly German.

13. It was raining very heavy / heavily.

14. He passed his test easy / easily.

15. We`ll have an accident if you don`t drive more careful / carefully.

16. I`ve never seene her dance so good / well.

17. I am real / really sure that I am right.

18. That was a stupid / stupidly thing to say.

19. She was smiling happy / happily.

20. You were very unlucky / unluckily to lose the game.

21. This soup tastes good / well.

22. She looked calm / calmly but I`m sure she was very nervous.

23. They always work very hard / hardly.

24. She often comes late / lately to class.

25.  She is a very good - looking / well - looking girl.

26. You are absolute / absolutely right.

27. Please be quiet / quietly. I`m trying to read.

28. I did really bad / badly in the Maths test.

29. I am extreme / extremely sorry I am late.

30. She can run quicker / more quickly than me.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Test propus – Scoala de Agenti de Politie *Vasile Lascar*, Campina

     TEST PROPUS – Scoala de Agenti de Politie                               *Vasile Lascar*, Campina

1. Which of the following words does not have the sound [i:]?:
a) beep           
b) cheek              
c) sick           
d) seek

2. Generally, summer is a hot season. But ... summer of 2005 was rainy and pretty cold.:
a) a              
b) the      
c) -        
d) this

3. If my car had had good brakes I ... it on time.:
a) could have stopped
b) could stop   
c) stopped   
d) had stopped

4. "Where is the money?", John asked:
a) John asked where is the money 
b) John asked where the money is
c) John asked where the money was    
d) John asked where was the money

5. By the time we arrived at the airport, the plane ...:
a) has just taken off
b) had just taken off
c) took off  
d) had just take off

6. I like both Alice and Claire, but I must admit that Alice is ...:
a) the prettier  
b) the prettiest  
c) the most prettiest  
d) the more prettier

7. It is getting ...:
a) more and more cold      
b) more and more colder
c) cold and cold               
d) colder and colder

8. Which of the following words does not have the sound [a:]?:
a) farm;   b) charm;    c) barn;    d) barium.

9. When you came I ... the garden.:
a) watered  
b) have been watering  
c) was watering
d) had watered

10. She can't come right now. She ... on the project:
a) works
b) is working
c) worked
d) work

11. Six pounds ... a low price and everyone ... to it:
a) are, agree
b) is, agrees    
c) are, agrees    
d) is, agree

12. I still ... to ... in such a strange place!:
a) am not used, live  
b) haven't been used, live
c) can't use, living      
d) haven't got used, living

13. He said that he ... as soon as he ... working:
a) would come, would finish    
b) had come, was finishing
c) would come, finished  
d) came, would have finished

14. We ... in the shade an hour on that sunny afternoon:
a) had        
b) lay   
c) lied   
d) lain

15. The police ... investigating a serious murder case for three weeks now:
a) are
b) have been          
c) is    
d) has been

16. He arrived ... London ... 7 a.m. ... a foggy November day. We often have fog ... November:
a) in, at, on, in        
b) at, at, on, during  
c) to, at, in, on 
d) by, on, in, in

17. He ... since I ... home:
a) had read, came          
b) is reading, came
c) read, have come         
d) has been reading, was

18. It is high time he ... told to stop behaving like a child:
a) has been         
b) would be       
c) were    
d) was

19. It is unlikely ... these intructions:
a) for them to understand
b) for them to have understood
c) that they should understand             
d) that they understood

20. He can't tell which of the two girls is ...:
a) the most beautiful        
b) the most beautifulest
c) the more beautifuler           
d) the more beautiful

21. You hardly ever go to cinema, ...?:
a) isn't it   
b) don't you     
c) are you    
d) do you

22. If I'd known we'd have to wait so long, I ... a book.:
a) would bring
b) had brought   
c) brought   
d) would have brought

23. Who has written this novel? It's good. Who ... written by?:
a) this novel has been   
b) has this novel been
c) has been this novel    
d) was this novel

24. "Which of the wto pens would you like?" "... will do .":
a) Any   
b) Either        
c) No one           
d) None

25. No sooner ... home ... the phone rang:
a) hat I got, that    
b) had I got, when
c) did I get, than  
d) had I got, than

26. ... you wish to buy a new car, we'd offer free insurance:
a) Would  
b) Should    
c) Had    
d) Did

27. It's a long time since I ... such a good article:
a) have read  
b) read  
c) have been reading   
d) had read

28. You repeated it, ... was necessary:
a) that   
b) what   
c) who   
d) which

29. Is there anything her worth ...?:
a) buying   
b) to buy   
c) to have bought    
d) to buying

30. Nobody has to do that, ...?:
a) do they  
b) have they   
c) has he   
d) does he

31. I'm not expecting any messages, but if someone ... ring while I am out could you say that I'll be back by 6 p.m.?:
a) would   
b) will   
c) should   
d) can

32. ... again, we might consider her for the job:
a) Were she apply
b) If she had applied
c) Were she to apply     
d) She applied

33. He insisted ... the documents:
a) to see     
b) that he sees    
c) in seeing     
d) on seeing

34. Everyone ... quietly when suddenly the door ... open and a complete stranger ... in:
a) was reading, burst, rushed    
b) were reading, bursted, rushed
c) was reading, bursted, rushed
d) read, was bursting, has rushed

35. "Shall we go to the cinema?" "Yes, ...!":
a) let's            
b) we are      
c) shall we    
d) shan't we

36. I don't believe she has failed the French test again. ... the French test again:
a) She mustn't have failed         
b) She can't have failed
c) I can't believe she could fail    
d) It's impossible she may fail

37. I hope they ... this road by the time we ... back next summer:
a) had repaired, would come    
b) will have repaired, come
c) will have repaired, will come  
d) would have repaired, had come

38. At this time on Monday, the handball team of our school ... be training on the new sports ground:
a) will           
b) would        
c) should      
d) must

39. My sister drives ... than my brother, but I must also admit that she drives ...:
a) faster ... worse   
b) fast ... badly   
c) faster ... worst  
d) fast ... worse

40. If ..., I wouldn't be able to solve the problem:
a) it hadn't been for you  
b) you hadn't been
c) you weren't
d) it weren't for you

41. When the whistle was blown, I felt as if my legs ... stuck to the ground:
a) was
b) were  
c) are 
d) have been

42. I had warned you to study more but you ... listen:
a) won't           
b) mustn't       
c) needn't  
d) wouldn't

43. She has bought two beautiful ... :
a) scarfs      
b) scarves         
c) scarfes          
d) scarvs

44. The receptionist gave him ... valuable ...:
a) a loaf of ... information        
b) a bar of ... information
c) a piece of ... informations      
d) a piece of ... information

45. Which judge ... the witness right now?:
a) hears
b) is hearing
c) will hear
d) has heard

Friday, August 11, 2017

Military Police Force Exam, 2016 Test

Choose the correct answer:

Can you find two - 2 - mistakes made in this test?

Ministerul Afacerilor Interne
Academia de Poliţie„Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Sesiunea iulie-august 2016


1) He ______ a lot of mistakes on the first page of the paper, and he ______the surface.
a) discovered/had only ruined
b) found/ was only scratching
c) searched/had just cracked
d) was spotting/unveiled

2) I am in the ______ as to where Christine was last night.
a) shade
b) dark
c) pink
d) black

3) No one _______________ me why I ______ to work yesterday.
a) has asked / didn't come
b) didn't ask / hadn't come
c) asks / hadn't come
d) would ask /wouldn't come

4) Nelson Mandela, who was born _____ a royal family, was elected president after ______27 years in prison.
a) to /he having served - incorrect answer/wrongly written
b) in/he serviced
c) at/serving
d) of/his stay

The correct answer should have sounded:
a) to / having served or he had served

5) Come what____, I will stand ____ you.
a) may/by
b) will/in for
c) should/next to
d) must/besides

6) Although it may not seem like it, _____________ to help me when I was in trouble.
a) he did try
b) he rather had tried
c) does he try
d) did he try

7) Leicester _______by the Romans, the Celtics and the Normans, _________have left their mark on the city.
a) has been conquered/all of them
b) is conquered/all of those
c) was conquered/ all of whom
d) had been conquered/all of whose

8) It ___________a wonderful hike, _____________we not got lost along the way.
a) would have been /had
b) could be / would
c) might have been / should
d) should be / might

9) "I can't drive," he says.
a) He says he could have driven.
b) He says he can't drive.
c) He says he ought to drive.
d) He says he mustn't driven

10) He shouldn't put so ______salt in his food, ________?
a) many/shouldn't he
b) much/shouldn't he
c) many/should he
d) much/ should he

11) Not until they _____________ the house later this morning, ______ cleaning the house.
a) did they leave /she would begin
b) do they leave / she will begin
c) will leave /will she begin
d) left /did she begin

12) Upset _______, she managed _________cheerfully.
a) as she was/behaving
b) though she was /to behave
c) although she is/to behave
d) as was she/behaving

13) After so much time, Robert finally ______________ his wife during the trial yesterday.
a) admitted to having killed
b) denied to have killed
c) claimed to having killed
d) denied to killing

14) _____________ your help, I wouldn't have been able to stop smoking.
a) But for
b) Hadn't it been
c) If it weren't
d) Providing

15) _______, few of the participants were _________ decriminalising prostitution.
a) Not surprisingly/ in support of
b) Not surprising/in support to
c) Unsurprisingly/in agreement of
d) Not surprisingly/in support about

16) How could Tom possibly lower _______ so as to accept such an atrocious proposal?
a) his
b) to him
c) himself
d) him

17) They claimed they _____ the room________before we came home.
a) painted/themselfes
b) have painted/themselfs
c) had painted/themselves
d) have painted/themselves

18) ________ Bermuda Triangle has received __________fame as _______ area of misfortune because ________ number of ships have disappeared there.
a) - / - / an / a
b) the /- / a / a
c) the / - / an / a
d) - / a / an / a

19) The police _____not to use force ____ the protesters _______violent action.
a) were instructed/unless/took
b) was instructed/if/did
c) have been instructed/whether/made
d) has been instructed/unless/took up

20) I wish she _____harder instead _____TV all the time.
a) studied/to watching
b) would study /of watching
c) will/of watching
d) studies/watching

21) I must ____ this painting ______- it might be valuable.
a) Have/look over
b) To have/ looked at
c) Have had/looked into
d) Have/ looked at

22) Dacă şi-ar fi luat tratamentul, n-ar mai fi bolnavă acum.
a) If she has taken her medication, she isn't ill now.
b) If she were taking the medication, she won't be ill now.
c) If she had taken the medication, she wouldn't be ill now.
d) If she has taken the medication, she wouldn't have been ill now.

23) I _________ Eddie half a dozen times but he _______ the phone.
Try once more. He ___________.
a) have been calling/ doesn't answer/ is sleeping
b) have called/ won't answer / is sleeping - this is the correct answer
c) called/ isn't answering/ has been sleeping
d) have called/ won't answer/ will be sleeping - this is the answer they provided; it`s completely wrong!!!

24) The head teacher ______ to ____him.
a) warned /expose
b) threatened /expel
c) will insist/have exempted
d) will caution/ repel

25) Shall we get _____? It's getting late.
a) to go
b) go
c) going
d) gone

26) We'd just been informed that Tom _____ our new CEO.
a) will be
b) was to be
c) has been
d) is being

27) I really enjoy ______, _______it's difficult.
a) sking/although
b) to ski/also
c) skiing/although
d) to ski/also

28) Jones ____________ the ball into the net and he ________ another goal!
a) kicks/ scored
b) kicks / scores
c) has kicked / scored
d) is kicking/ is scoring

29) All trains ______by the fog. It was after 10 ____we finally got home.
a) were delayed/ when
b) will be postponed/that
c) obstructed/when
d) were suspended/that

30) He didn't _______ the plot of the book so he couldn't _______ what the author wrote.
a) make out/ figure out
b) make up/ put up
c) take up/ look up
d) put out/ come across