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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Test 15

1.Which sentence is NOT correct?
This is the news. There has been an earthquake in Japan.
This is the news. There has just been an earthquake in Japan.
This is the news. There has been an earthquake in Japan last night.  

2.Which question follows this statement? ‘I’ve been to New York.’
Really? When did you go? 
Really? When have you gone?  
Really? When you have gone?   

3.Complete the sentence.
‘I ____ out last Friday.’
 have gone   
 didn’t go   
 haven’t been   

4.Which sentence is NOT correct?
He’s recently got a new job in Frankfurt.
Alan has just arrived.
I’ve bought a new mobile phone two days ago.  

5.Which word can complete the sentence?
   I haven’t seen him ____.
    last night  

6.Which word CANNOT go in the space?
I’ve _____ spoken to James about the meeting.

7.Which words complete the sentence?
I _______ Helen since we _______ at school together.
‘ve known / were   know
were   knew / ‘ve been   
knew / have been

8.Which sentence is true?
My parents have lived in Canada for three years.
They used to live in Canada but now they live somewhere else.
They still live in Canada now.   
They used to live in Canada but now they are dead.   

9.Which words can complete the sentence below?
I’ve telephoned Mike ___________.
three times last week   
three times this week 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Verb Tenses, Test 11

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. I’m really hungry. I (haven’t eaten / didn’t eat) yet
2. They (arrived / have arrived) a week ago.
3. We (have worked / worked) here for three years.
4. They (didn’t recognise / haven’t recognised) me at yesterday’s meeting.
5. Our neighbour (was / has been) in hospital since Friday.
6. (Have you travelled / Did you travel) abroad many times?

B Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple or the Present Perfect Simple.

1. John ........................... (not call) me recently.
2. They ........................... (buy) a new car last month.
3. The teacher ........................... (not return) the tests yet.
4. How long ........................... she ........................... (know) about this problem?
5. ........................... you ever ........................... (hear) such an unbelievable story?
6. When I was a child, I ........................... (live) in England for two years.
7. He ........................... (buy) me a beautiful gift for my birthday.
8. I am so excited to have a dog. I ..................(always / want) one.

C. Correct the error/s in each sentence.

1. Have you ever eat Chinese food?
2. Mr Brown already left the office.
3. She has moved to another city last year.
4. We haven’t been abroad since a year.
5. They have sent out the invitations yet.
6. The lesson has started ten minutes ago.
7. Jack hasn’t seen Jill since she has graduated.
8. Did she just leave?
9. What have you did lately?
10. Doctors have tried to find a cure for the flu since years.
11. I have walked to the café yesterday.
12. She have bought a new pair of shoes last week.
13. Have you traveled to China two years ago?
14. We did not receive approval to take off yet.
15. I lived in Alaska for a short time.
16. He has built his own home last year.
17. Did you ever visit Toronto?
18. I have worked as a freelance writer from 2005 to 2016.
19. I worked as a director since 2011.
20. How many pages did you read so far?
21. How long did you work at your current job?
22. What's one thing you didn`t do yet today?
23. She opened several restaurants up to now.
24. Back in January, I haven`t had enough money to buy a car.
25. Did you ever try caviar?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Test 14

                                         TESTING ENGLISH GRAMMAR

I don`t mind to help you.                           
I don`t mind helping you.

She has many toys, hasn`t she?                   
She has many toys, doesn`t she?

I have to do some essays today, don`t I?     
I have to do some essays today, haven`t I?

It`s high time you do it.                               
It`s high time you did it.

How many information have you got?        
How much information have you got?

A lot of phenomenons happened here.         
A lot of phenomena happened here.

We can`t risk going there.                           
We can`t risk to go there.

She got home at 4 a.m. in the morning. The party mustn`t have been really good.
She got home at 4 a.m. in the morning. The party must have been really good.

She`d rather go home than stay here, hadn`t she?
She`d rather go home than stay here, wouldn`t she?

I would prefer to go home now.                      
I would prefer going home now.

He`d better see a doctor, wouldn`t he?            
He`d better see a doctor, hadn`t he?

If I`ll have time, I will go to the movie.           
If I have time, I will go to the movie.

Had you been here yesterday, I could help you.
Had you been here yesterday, I could have helped you.

Unless you go home now, you`ll be punished.
Unless you don`t go home now, you`ll be punished.

He needn`t go out, need he?                       
He needn`t go out, does he?

She can barely speak, can`t she?                 
She can barely speak, can she?

Somebody has to help him, don`t they?     
Somebody has to help him, haven`t they?

Bad news don`t make people happy.          
Bad news doesn`t make people happy.
All their money is in the bank.                   
All their money are in the bank.

That information was very good.               
Those information were very good.

She is always making noise at night.           
She always makes noise at night.

Do you know where is the station?              
Do you know where the station is?

It was worth to do it.                                    
It was worth doing it.

She was trying to cook something when he entered the kitchen.
She tried to cook something when he entered the kitchen.

Mary is the tallest of the two girls.                  
Mary is the taller of the two girls.

He warned me to not touch that wire.             
He warned me not to touch that wire.

He gripped his brother`s arm lest he should fall.
He gripped his brother`s arm lest he shouldn`t fall.

This is the first time I have done all the shopping.
This is the first time I did all the shopping.

I lay in bed for a while.                     
I laid in bed for a while.

I made all the necessary arrangements.         
I did all the necessary arrangements.

Justice has been made.                      
Justice has been done.

The President Trump was elected some time ago.
President Trump was elected some time ago.

How long have you been lieying to them?
How long have you been lying to them?

She has quitted smoking many times.               
She has quit smoking many times.

That man has dived for an hour.
That man has diven for an hour.

She has threw all the garbage this morning. 
She has thrown all the garbage this morning.

I laid on the sofa all day yesterday.                 
I lay on the sofa all day yesterday.

She wishes she knew the answer yesterday.
She wishes she had known the answer yesterday.

If only they were here with me now, but they are not.
If only they had been here with me now, but they are not.

She would like to go to the seaside.       
She would like going to the seaside.

Lucy is the most beautiful girl of the two.
Lucy is the more beautiful girl of the two.

It is the first time  did my homework.
It is the first time I have done my homework.

The reception was a success. The organizers did a good job.
The reception was a success. The organizers made a good job.

If only I hadn`t made that blunder at the party last night.
If only I didn`t make that blunder at the party last night.

What will happen if I will push this button?
What will happen if I push this button?

You keep interrupting me. I wish you didn`t do that. / I wish you wouldn`t do that.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

If Clause, Exercise 18

A. Complete the exercise with If or Unless. 

 1. -------- you drive more carefully, you will have an accident. 

 2. ---------- you prune these trees, they won’t grow well. 

 3. He’ll get lost ---------------someone shows him the way. 

 4. ---------------- you practice your English, you can improve it quickly. 

 5. ------------------ you don’t hurry, you’ll be late for school again. 

 6. ---------------- there is oxygen, fire cannot burn. 

 7. --------------------you go to bed late, you’ll feel tired in the morning. 

 8. My parents will be angry ---------------------- I pass my exams. 

 9. You can’t travel abroad -----------------you don’t have a passport. 

10. You can’t watch TV ----------------you finish your homework. 

11.-------------------they lower the price, I won’t buy that computer. 

B. Complete the exercise with If or When. 

1. -------------------I am late this evening, don’t wait for me. 

2. ---------- I don’t see you tomorrow, I will phone you. 

3. Do you mind --------------I close the window? 

4. ---------------------- I get up in the morning I usually drink a cup of coffee. 

5. Have something to eat. ---------------you don’t eat now, you’ll be hungry later. 

6. John is still at school. ------------------- he leaves, he wants to go to university. 

7. Be careful! ----------------you aren’t careful, you’ll fail. 

8. -------------I see him, I will tell you right away.

9. Please call us ---------------- you arrive.

10. I am going to tell her --------------- she comes.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Prepositions, Exercise 2


The winner of the competition was ___ the drawing-room.
a. on
b. in
c. at

Everybody sat ___ the floor, but Mr. Spencer sat ___ a chair ___ the corner.
a. over - in - on
b. about - on - at
c. on - on – in

The judge poured champagne ___ the glass.
a. into
b. on
c. inside

The elderly lady was always ___ home ___ night.
a. at - at
b. in - at
c. into-inside

Adriana used to swim ___ the sea and sunbathe ___ the sand.
a. on -at
b. on - in
c. in – on

During the week I get up early ___ the morning and go to bed late ___ night. But normally ___ weekends I sleep until midday.
a. on - at - at
b. in - at - on
c. in - in – at

Peter lives ___ Sunset Avenue, now, but he lived ___ 109, Pasadena Street ___ 1980.
a. on - at - in
b. in - at - on
c. on - at – on

He was born ___ 8:15 ___ the morning ___ June, 18th, 1928
a. in - on - at
b. at - in - on
c. on - on – in

The hanging light is ___ the table.
a. in
b. over
c. at

"I'm staying ___ the Metropolitan Hotel. It's ___ Sunset Blvd.. ___ Hollywood ".
a. at - in - on
b. in - on - at
c. at - on – in

Thomas was born ___ January 9th ___ Buenos Aires.
a. in - on
b. on - in
c. at – on

He's arriving from Europe ___ Wednesday.
a. at
b. on
c. of

She doesn't work ___ night.
a. in
b. on
c. at

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Prepositions, Exercise 5

Little free library in the street!
Put in the correct preposition.

1) My friend is good ___playing volleyball.

2) She protests ___discrimination.

3) She is afraid ___cats.

4) The family doesn't feel ___going outing this season. .

5) The company is looking forward ___giving bonus to its workers.

6) She dreams ___becoming a doctor.

7) She apologized ___her misbehavior.

8) Does she agree ___what you explained?

9) Parents often insist ___good manners.

10) Peter reminded me ___ my appointment with doctor

11) The child is allergic __insect stings.

12) The patrolling van chased the thieves ___the lanes.

13) The secret __success lies __hard work.

14) She said  that she had not smoked ___ages.

15) Mr. Seth lives __an apartment building in Hyderabad. 

Miscellaneous, Test 13

Choose the correct answer:
1. It is most expensive of / more expensive than I thought.
2. Chennai is the hotter of / hotter than Mumbai.
3. Susie is the prettier / the prettiest of the two sisters.
4. Mary is the best student / most good student in the class.
5. He is not as successful as / not like succesfull as his brother.
6. The car is running smoothly / more smoothliest since it had a service.
7. It was the most expensive / the more expensive dress I have ever worn.
8. It was ten times more difficult than / ten times most difficult then I expected.
9. I can walk three times further than you / three times farther than you.
10. He is twice as lively as / twice as lively his brother.
11. He explained it careful / carefully, but I was still none the wiser.
12. The more information that comes in, the more confused the picture is / the more confusing the picture is.
13. They knelt in front of the child who would / will one day rule their country.

14. How many people can / might get into a telephone booth?

15. I would / will not do this if I did not have to.

16. If you stopped talking, I could / used to get some work done.

17. Need I get / Need I to get a visa for Malaysia?

18. You had better / would better start saying thank-you.

19. Let’s go for a walk, shall we / will we?

20. You must not to / don’t need to work on Sundays.

21. She really ought to / would mend her ways.

22. She can / may speak six languages.

23. Life used to / uses to be more interesting when I was a child.

24. Granny could / used to always bring us nice gifts.

25. She said I could / could to  come as often as I liked.

26. I would have married / could have married her, if I had wanted to.