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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

If Clause, Exercise 13


Using conditional type 0 or 1, write out the following sentences

1. If you (heat) ice it (melt).
2. If you never (ask) them you never (learn) the truth.
3. If I (bring) the food to the party you (supply) the drink?
4. If you (not take) the medicine you (not get) better.
5. If you (freeze) water it (turn) into ice.
6. He (be) allowed to leave early today if he (stay) later tomorrow.
7. If he (work) when we get there, we (not disturb) him.
8. There (be) always plenty to do if my mother (go) away.
9. They have told her that if she (do) this film they (renew) her contract.
10. That sign says silence. If you (start) talking we (be asked) to leave.
11. If you (leave) that cut untreated it (become) infected.
12. It you (ask) him for help he always (give) it.
13. If he (travel) all afternoon I know he (not want) to go out this evening.
14. George (leave) tomorrow if the weather (be) fine.
15. We (go) riding tomorrow if the horse's leg (be) better.
16. The council (arrange) a concert if they (find) enough singers.
17. It the garage (repair) the car we (be able) to go to the mountains tomorrow?
18. That artist only (paint) another picture if he (find) a suitable model.

Using conditional type 2 write out the following sentences.

1. If Peter (see) what you (be) doing he (be) furious.
2. If Roy (help) me I (not still work) now.
3. (George set) sail again if he (know) how dangerous the boat (be)?
4. Gail (get) better results if she (work) harder.
5. I (buy) this house it | (be) richer.
6. They (be) pleased if I (write) to them?
7. If I ever (hear) of such a thing, I (be) positively amazed.
8. The play (be) more successful if it (be not) so old-fashioned.
9. If I (be) the Prime Minister | (abolish) income tax.
10. What Sam (do) if he (be) here now?
11. If they (tell) me what to expect I (not ask) these questions now.

Using conditional type 3 write out the following sentences.

1. If you (not make)so much noise you (not wake)your baby sister up.
2. If she (not wake) up she (not start) crying.
3. The neighbours (not come) around if they (not hear) the baby.
4.I (bring) my art collection with me if they (ask) me to.
5. I (see) Elizabeth if she (wave) to me.
6. I (not finish) at all if you (not help) me.
7. I (meet) you at the station if you (tell) me that you were coming.
8. The car (not break) down if you (take) it to the garage when I told you to.
9. | (recognize) him instantly if he (not grow) a beard.
10. The band (continue) to play if it (not be) so late.
11. They really (take) their canoes down the river if they (know) how dangerous it was?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If Clause Types

 The following explanations refer to the basic forms of 
If Clauses / Conditional Clauses



MAIN CLAUSE                                               IF CLAUSE

FUTURE                                  PRESENT / PRESENT PERFECT

ex. I will go shopping                      if the weather is fine


MAIN CLAUSE                                                     IF CLAUSE

PRESENT CONDITIONAL                                 PAST TENSE                     
[would / could / should / 
might,,, + vb ]                          

ex. I would go shopping                    if the weather were / was fine


MAIN CLAUSE                                                  IF  CLAUSE                                      
PAST CONDITIONAL                                      PAST PERFECT                                                                                  
[would have /could have/
might have/should have,,, +
3rd vb]

ex. I would have gone shopping         if the weather had been fine


Type I - condition possible
Type II - condition in theory possible
Type III - condition not possible

More examples:

1. If I were you, I wouldn`t do that. - type II

Note: The form were of the verb be is usually used with all persons when speaking about If Clauses, Wish, Subjunctive,,,
Was is not wrong in these cases [ for the first and third persons, but it is informal ]

2. If she thinks she`s right, she`ll do that research on her own, anyway. type I 

3. She would go to the seaside if she had more money. - type II

4. I would have met him if he had agreed on my plan - type III

If Clause, Exercise 9

Choose the correct answer:

1) If I were a good cook, I __________________ your favourite meal.
had cooked         
would have cooked                
would cooked

2) If you __________________ to study medicine ten years ago, you would be a doctor now.
would have decided               
hadn't decided                 
had decided

3) If I had won the Lotto yesterday, I __________________ across the world today
had flown              
would be flying                     
would have flown

4) If she __________________ two hours ago, I would be angry now.
would have                       
hadn't arrived

5) If I were rich, I __________________ that palace last month.
had bought                  
would have bought

6) If I __________________ to work this morning, I would have been able to dance for long hours yesterday
hadn't gone                        
would gone                     
wouldn't go

7) If you __________________ the laptop yesterday, you would be using it today.
hadn't bought                       
had bought                         
would buy

8) If you hadn't met her last year, you __________________ problems now.
weren't have                 
wouldn't be having                     
had had

9) If I __________________ you, I would have sold this house as soon as possible.
had been                

10) If I__________________ completely exhausted, I would have gone with Tom to the opera tonight.
would be                 

11) If I __________________ so fast, I wouldn't have got the speeding ticket.
hadn't driven                    
had driven                        
would have driven

12) If you __________________ what your parents said, you would be rich now.
had done                  
would have done

13) Nick would have passed that English exam if he __________________ lazy.
hadn't been                 
would have had

14) If I had been you, I __________________ your mother about it yesterday.
would told               
would have told            
had told

15) If you had taken the job, you __ much more now.
would be earning            
had earned           
would have earn