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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Verb Tenses, Test 3

Underline the correct answer:

Deborah waits / is waiting patiently while Bridget books the tickets.

The shelf holds / is holding  three books and a vase of flowers.

The crowd moves / is moving across the field in an attempt to see the rock star get into her helicopter.

The Stephens sisters are both very talented; Virginia writes / is writing and Vanessa paints / is painting.

Rectangles have / are having four sides.

Canada Day takes / is taking place on July 1, the anniversary of the signing of the British North America Act.

The moon circles / is circling the earth once every 28 days.

Calcium is / is being important to the formation of strong bones.

Leonard goes / is going to The Jumping Horse Tavern every Thursday evening.

My grandmother sends/ is sending me new mittens each spring.

In fairy tales, things happen / are happening in threes.

We never finish / are finishing puzzles because the cat always eats some of the pieces.

Nora looks / is looking for the first paperback editions of all of Raymond Chandler's books.

Deirdre dusts /  is dusting all the shelves on the second floor of the shop.

KPLA broadcasts / is broadcasting the hits of the 70s this evening.

The presses print / are printing the first edition of tomorrow's paper.

The doors open / are opening in 10 minutes.

The premier arrives /  is arriving on Tuesday.

Classes end / are ending next week.


 The health department has decided / decided / had decided that all high school students should be immunized against meningitis.

 Miriam arrived at 5:00 p.m. but Mr. Whitaker has closed / had closed the store.

 After we located the restaurant that Christian has spoken / had spoken about, we ate supper there every Friday.

 The heat wave has lasted / had lasted three weeks.

 After she had learned to drive, Alice feels / felt more independent.

 We have been talking / had been talking about repainting the front room for three days and last night we finally bought the paint.

Madeleine has been reading / is reading / had been reading mystery novels for several years before she discovered the works of Agatha Christie.

The chef's assistant has been chopping / is chopping / had been chopping vegetables for several minutes before he realized that he had minced his apron strings.

The plumber and his assistant will have solved / is solving / are solving all the new joins in pipes before they leave for the next job.

By the time you get back from the corner store, we will have finished / will finish  / are finishing writing the thank you letters.

 I will have been studying / am studying / have studied Greek for three years by the end of this term.

By the end of the year, she already graduates / will have graduated / has already with a degree in business.

As soon as I get / got / will have got home, it started to rain heavily.

Don't worry. She used to live / is using to live / is used to living by herself.

He denied having done / denied have done / denied done it on purpose.

Children should entitle / should be entitle / should to be entitled to free education. 

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