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Welcome !

Friday, November 29, 2013

Miscellaneous, Test 1

1. I would tell you my secret, if I would trust / trusted you more.

2. He is known to be / be a very intelligent boy.

3. I wish I were / had been ten years older now.

4. His pieces of advice was / were more than welcome.

5. Who is the best / the better of the two hounds?

6. It was so / such a good play, that I was sorry when it ended.

7. I`m having my car repaired / repairing by the best mechanic I know.

8.They told me that they will / would not be late.

9. Jane wants to deal with / of her letters first.

10. Which is the cheaper / the cheapest dress of the two?

11. The trees which / who are in front of my window are all cherry trees.

12. Nothing is worse / worst than falling and breaking your leg.

13. If only we have / had some money; we could take a cab.

14. He has never been interested in / at / on my plans.

15. As it`s very late, I think you would better / should leave now.

16. Wherever / Whoever you go, you always meet English – speaking people.

17. Although / Even he was tired, he went on working.

18. You will have your lunch after you have washed / washing your hands.

19. You might have asked / would have asked me if I wanted to come with you.

20. You are a great cook! This cake tastes / is tasting wonderful!

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