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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wh - Questions, Exercise 1


 Ask questions for the underlined word/s using wh - questions, such as: what, when, why, who, whom, which, where, how,,,

1. She told us that Aunt Lizzy was coming .

2. Peter ran home after a dog bit him .

3. The Queen was welcomed by a large crowd.

4. Mum bought this dress in Rome.

5. Jenny waits for me at the bus stop every morning.

6. You are looking at my favourite sister .

7. Princess Anne will open a new hospital next week.

8. Tracy had talked to her teacher before she left school.

9. The water is boiling.

10. Mary could play the piano when she was a girl.

11. Molly doesn’t want to see me because I’m so impolite.

12. She didn’t sleep well in the tent.

13. Jamie spoke in a very low voice.

14. Anne has been teaching us for 5 years.

15. I like cheap clothes.

16. On Saturday the Parkers had an excellent dinner at home.

17. The girl is my cousin from New Zealand.

18. You must call him again.

19. Maggie will call you next week.

20. have asked Tobias for some help.

21. Harry gave me some sweets because he likes me . (2 questions)

22. We wanted to go to Italy last summer.

23. Derek has just spoken with his boss.

24. My dad has built a wonderful garden grill.

25. We have been working since 7 o’clock.

26. Cindy must look after the baby because her mum and dad are going out tonight.

27. Tom did not wait for the late night film because he was too tired.

28. Ferry and Joe aren’t coming to the party.

29. We talked about Rita’s boyfriend for a long time.

30. Marion did not wait for us after school.

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