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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Test 12

Choose the correct answer:

If I found her address, I ------------------- her an invitation.
had send                 
would send                 
would have send

Those children are really noisy.
a. I wish they were quieter
b. I wish they would be quiet
c. If only they had been quiet

I don`t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ------------ it better
had understood                   
would understand

The information you need is / are in the report.

Last night's news was/ were very bad.

He gave me a lot of advice / advices when I joined the company.

The country with the fewest / the least people per square kilometer must be Australia.

Little did he know what his decision would lead to / Little did he knew what his decision would lead to.

The matter could be explained in no other way. / The matter could be explained in any other way.

The beavers spent the afternoon lying new branches on the lodge. / The beavers spent the afternoon laying new branches on the lodge.

The cat preferred to sit on the dining room table. / The cat preferred to set on the dining room table.

Mary lay down for a short nap before the exam./ Mary laid down for a short nap before the exam.

He is always making noise at night. / He always makes noise at night.

If you ___________ a little earlier, you would have caught the bus.
had arrived                         
would arrive                         

Choose the correct answer:

1. She burst into _______________ (tear/ tears) when she heard the bad news.

2. Peter and Jack shake _______________ (hand/ hands) and become friends again.

3. She can’t see what is written on the blackboard without her contact _______________ (len/ lens)

4. The two sisters took _______________ (turn/ turns) at sitting up with their sick mother.

5. Quite a number of _______________ (DJ/ DJs) have extended their careers to singing.

6. If you want to get well, you should take the doctor’s _______________ (advice/ advices).

7. Mary never does her _______________ (homework/ homeworks)

8. Johnny has lost his _______________ (luggage/ luggages).

9. The factory workers stopped working and took (a rest/ rest).

10. The children sat on the _______________ (grass/ grasses).

Underline the incorrect word in each sentence and write the correct word in the space provided.

1. He takes part in a lot of extracurricular activitys.  

2. I always put three teaspoon of sugar in my coffee.    

3. The field is full of sheeps.                               ______________

4. The thief was wearing jean.                              ______________

5. Money cannot buy happinesses.                           ______________ 

6. They want to finish the job themself.  

7. How many piece of cheese would you like?                  ______________

8. A mice was hiding under the table.                         ______________

9. Three passer-bys were shot in the raid.                      ______________

10. Put on more cloth or you will get a cold.                    ______________

Cross out a/an if it is wrong and substitute it with some. If it is correct, put a tick

1. Can you give me an ____________ information, please?

2. I bought a ____________ suitcase yesterday.

3. We need a ____________money for the cinema.

4. He’s eating a ____________ bread.

5. I’d like a _____________ advice about my future.

6. We stopped at the filling station to get a ___________ petrol.

7. I really need a _____________ holiday.

8. Can you give me a ___________water, please? I’m thirsty.

9. Can you pass me a ____________ newspaper?

10. Do you want an ___________ apple?

Write the past tense and past participle of the following verbs: 

dive, lend, stick, tear, forget, feel, feed, found, hold, hide, lie, swim, lay, bring, rise, hang, wind, bind, shrink, shoot, build, shake, strike, sweep, thrust, bend, wear, withdraw, kneel, keep, hold, dwell

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