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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miscellaneous, Test 8

Are the following nouns countable or uncountable?


Choose the correct answer:

I have been drinking / have drunk 2 cups of coffee this morning. 

She has been driving / has driven 300 miles since Tuesday.

She`d better go home, wouldn`t / hadn`t she?

I haven`t been on vacation for / since two years.

The weather today is even bad / worse than yesterday.

Let`s meet again next Sunday, shall we / will you ?

He opened the box carefuly / carefully.

It has been five years since I last have spoken / spoke French.

I can sell you some bananas but only few / a few.

Sorry, I can't repay you this week. I'm completely broken / broke.

I really regretted my mistake. It was one that I had not to make / ought not have made.

The bath / sink / toilet is downstairs in the kitchen.

The princess laid / lain / lay down and slept for twenty years.

Can you put me down / in / up for the weekend?

Paul is Mary's father, so Mary is Paul's nephew / niece / daughter.

Thank you for letting me to take / take / taking your dog for a walk.

Choose the correct answer:

Hardly had I begun to speak when / than I was interrupted.

Scarcely had we started our meal when / that / than the phone rang.

No sooner had I arrived when / that / than they all started to argue.

Only after the meeting did / realized / have I realized / did I realize the importance of the subject.

In no way was the cyclist held / hold responsible for the recent accident.

I like coffee, and so does / is Ella.

Such / So was her disappointment that she started to cry.

Owls live in tree hollows, as do / are squirrels.

The doors opened, and out ran / run several people.

Only when I arrived at the hotel did I notice / did I noticed that my travel bag was missing.

Scarcely have they been on time than / when / what their teacher came in.

No sooner had he finished dinner, when / than / then she entered the room.

Only than / then / when did I understand the problem.

Such / So strange was the situation that / than I couldn`t sleep.

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