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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Test 15

1.Which sentence is NOT correct?
This is the news. There has been an earthquake in Japan.
This is the news. There has just been an earthquake in Japan.
This is the news. There has been an earthquake in Japan last night.  

2.Which question follows this statement? ‘I’ve been to New York.’
Really? When did you go? 
Really? When have you gone?  
Really? When you have gone?   

3.Complete the sentence.
‘I ____ out last Friday.’
 have gone   
 didn’t go   
 haven’t been   

4.Which sentence is NOT correct?
He’s recently got a new job in Frankfurt.
Alan has just arrived.
I’ve bought a new mobile phone two days ago.  

5.Which word can complete the sentence?
   I haven’t seen him ____.
    last night  

6.Which word CANNOT go in the space?
I’ve _____ spoken to James about the meeting.

7.Which words complete the sentence?
I _______ Helen since we _______ at school together.
‘ve known / were   know
were   knew / ‘ve been   
knew / have been

8.Which sentence is true?
My parents have lived in Canada for three years.
They used to live in Canada but now they live somewhere else.
They still live in Canada now.   
They used to live in Canada but now they are dead.   

9.Which words can complete the sentence below?
I’ve telephoned Mike ___________.
three times last week   
three times this week 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Test 10

Choose the correct answer:

1. You should ----- swimming.
a. start up           
b. get off             
c. take off     
d. take up

2. I'm fed up ----------- this exercise.
with doing              
to do         
to doing                
for doing

3. She has been ------- of murdering her husband.

4. You ----- the cleaning. I would have done it tonight.
didn`t need to do     
needn`t have done            
didn`t need to make    
shouldn`t have made

5. They have put speed bumps on the road to ----- accidents.

 6. We would never have had the accident if you ------ so fast.
wouldn't been driving        
hadn't been driving         
had driven                   
wouldn't drive

7. -------------------- the better team, we lost the match.
Despite of                  
Despite being                 

8. You ---- see a doctor.
should better            
would rather                
had better              
would prefer

9. The tree ----- by lightning.
was stroke        
was being struck        
was struck             
was stricken

10. Please do not read -----------. You're disturbing everyone else in the library. 

11. Small amounts of baby formula and breast milk are --------------- in the aircraft cabin if a baby or small child is traveling.

12. You ----------work  tomorrow. It`s Saturday.
don`t must              
don`t have to                

13. Active Voice:The farmer is growing vegetables.
      Choose the correct Passive Voice sentence below:
Vegetables are growing by  farmer                 
Vegetables are being grown by the farmer                
Vegetables are grown by the farmer               
Vegetables were being grown by the farmer

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Test 16

Choose the correct sentence:
We are looking forward to see you.
We look forward to seeing you.

This news is very important. 
These news are very important.

The news is being broadcasted by all major TV stations.
The news is being broadcast by all major TV stations.

Measles are especially common among children. 
Measles is especially common between children.
Measles is especially common among children.

She will help you when she has time.
She will help you when she will have time.

It`s time you have done your job.
It`s time you did your job.
It`s time you had done your job.

Peter will ring you up as soon as he will come back. 
Peter will ring you up as soon as he comes back.

I will return your book when I have read it.
I will return your book when I had read it.

Come and see me as soon as you will have a spare minute.
Come and see me as soon as you have a spare minute.

Since I left school I have only seen him once.
Since I have left school I have only seen him once.

I knew I will have to do it.
I knew I would have to do it.

I told you he was going to come.
I told you he is going to come.

She promised she would send a postcard from Egypt. 
She promised she will send a card from Egypt.
She promised she would sent a card from Egypt.

They rang to say they would be with us by ten o’clock but then their flight was cancelled.
They rang to say they will be with us by ten o’clock but then their flight was cancelled. 

I saw the house that I am to live in for the next six months.
I see the house that I had been to live in for the next six months.
I saw the house that I was going to live in for the next six months.

My mom planned to call my sister last night, but she forgot. She were going to call last night, but she forgot. 
She was going to call last night, but she forgot. 
She going to call last night, but she forgot. 
She was calling last night, but she forgot.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Test 1

Choose the right answer: 

I'm going to meet... professor James.
an;  b) the;  c) a;  d) –

The little boy feared lest he ... punished by his mother. 
would be; b) should be;  c) could be;  d) were

Our advice was for them ... until the morning came. 
wait;  b) to wait;  c) should wait;  d) waited

May I suggest that you ... your mind? 
make up;  b) would make up; c) made up;  d) shall make up

Her only wish was that her children ... there for her last days.
 a] would be       b] could be      
 c] being              d] should be

I'd rather you ... mention it to my parents.
haven't;  b) will not; c) didn't;  d) don't

If only you ... me earlier! 
a) have told;  b) told;  c) had told;  d) would tell

Even if they ... ready, nothing would have changed.
a) were;  b) would be;  c) are;  d) had been

I wish you ... leaving! 
a) aren't;  b) weren't;  c) wasn't;  d) wouldn't be.

I wish I ... better for the exams! 
a) study;  b) had studied;  c) would study;  d) have studied

... he to agree to our proposal, we could go on with the project.
a) Was;  b) Is;  c) Were; d) Would

In this forest there are many .... 
a) wolves; b) wolfves;  c) wolfes

It is only fair that you ... the truth.
a) knew;  b) may know;  c) would know;  d) should know

Why ... the bus now? 
a) don't get on;  b) not get on;  c) not to get on;  d) not getting on

All the ... were covered with snow. 
a) roofvs;  b) roves;  c) roofs; d) roofes

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Modal Verbs, Test 3

Choose the correct answer
1. Sally looks worried . She MUST HAVE / COULD HAD a problem with something.

2. Bob CAN’T BE / MUSTN`T  HAVE BEEN at school because I haven’t seen him all day .

3. I COULD HAVE LENT / MUST HAVE LENT you the money. Why didn’t you ask me?

4. Mr Travis hasn’t come to work yet. He has never been late for work. He CAN`T HAVE MISSED / MUST HAVE MISSED the bus.

5. She knew everything about our plans. She MUST HAVE LISTENED / CAN HAVE LISTENED to our conversation.

6. A: Will you come to my birthday party tomorrow afternoon ?
    B : I’m sorry but I CAN’T COME / SHOULDN`T COME because I have to look after my sister.

7. Timmy is a very good boy. He isn’t naughty, so he CAN’T HAVE BROKEN / MUST NOT HAVE BROKEN that window.

8. The street is wet this morning . I’m not sure but it SHOULD HAVE RAINED / MIGHT HAVE RAINED last night.

9. She COULD SING / CAN SING like an angel when she was a child.

10. A : I talked to your science teacher yesterday.
      B : You CAN’T HAVE TALKED / MUST HAVE TALKED to her because she wasn’t at school yesterday.

11. Mrs White bought a new fur coat ! - She COULD HAVE WON / MUST HAVE WON the lottery.

12. He came home alone yesterday. You SHOULDN’T HAVE LET / COULD NOT HAVE LET him do that.

13. He read the message but he CAN`T UNDERSTAND / COULDN’T UNDERSTAND it.

14. The singer has got a sore throat so she CAN’T SING / COULDN`T SING at the concert.

15. It MUST HAVE BEEN / MIGHT HAVE BEEN Jack I saw in the park yesterday, but I’m not sure about it.

16. We can’t wait any longer. Something MUST BE DONE / MAY BE DONE at once.

17. Everyone shouted in fear. They MUST HAVE BEEN / MUST BE very afraid.

18. A : I’m afraid Ted is watching TV again.
      B : He CAN’T BE WATCHING / MUSTN`T BE WATCHING TV because his room is completely silent and dark.

19. He MUST BE SLEEPING  / CAN BE SLEEPING. He is not in the living room.

20. I can’t find my book . I MUST HAVE LEFT IT / MUST LEAVE IT on the bus.

21. She CAN’T BE / MUST BE stupid. She teaches maths at the university

22. She MUSTN’T GO / MUSTN`T HAVE GONE to school. It’s Saturday.

23. You were stupid to go skiing here. You COULD HAVE BROKEN / MUST HAVE BROKEN a leg.

24. He looked so tired when I saw him. He MUST HAVE WORKED / COULD HAVE WORKED so hard.

24. Tom CAN’T HAVE WRITTEN / SHOULDN`T HAVE WRITTEN this because it is in French and Tom doesn’t speak French.

25. They MUST HAVE LEFT / CAN HAVE LEFT in the morning. They are not here now.

26.  I MUST BE / CAN BE tired; I `ve worked too much.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Verb Tenses, Test 14

Choose the correct answer:

1. Suddenly we noticed that the clock stopped / had stopped.

2. I never thought that I would / should to see him again.

3. The woman led me to her hut and told / said me to remain there for the night.

4. We climbed higher that we might get a better view of the procession.

5. Euclid proved that the three angles of a triangle were / are equal to two right angles.

6. I will nurse him so that he may live / might live.

7. I will call you when I arrive / will arrive.

8. He went to the city so that he might / may find work.

9. Wherever he preached, people gathered / gather to listen.

10. The thieves stole whatever they could find / might find in the house.

11. He came oftener than we expected / expect him to.

12. He stayed at home because he was feeling / feels ill.

13. I feel / am feeling fine.

14. I feel / were feeling you shouldn’t do this.

15. What do you think / are you thinking about my hair style?

16. I am seeing / see your dad tomorrow.

17. The fish smells / is smelling awful.

18. I rang her up because I wanted / want to talk.

19. I see / am seeing what you mean.

9. The stew tastes / is tasting wonderful.

20. If I know / knew the answer, I will tell you.

21. He weighs / is weighing 85 kg.

22. Do you believe / Are you believing  in God?

23. He spent / has spent all his childhood in a quaint village in China.

24. Mozart died while he was composing / had composed the Requiem.

25. I have done / did the cleaning. What shall I do now?

26. I lived / have lived in India for ten years when I was a child.

27. I can’t play tomorrow because I have broken / broke my leg.

28. My puppy has died / died.

29. I have traveled / traveled a lot in Asia and Africa.

30. Once upon a time there lived / has lived a beautiful princess.

31. He worked / has worked hard for years.

32. Did you see / Have you seen Romeo and Juliet on TV last night?

33. My late grandfather did / has done a lot for me.

34. Mary is staying / stays with her parents at the moment.

35. My brother works / is working at a bank.

36. I never get up / I am never getting up before 9 on Sunday mornings.

37. I hate / am hating people who are rude to their subordinates.

38. I like / am liking this music.

39. Does the meat smell / Is the meat smelling bad?

40. I am seeing / see the dentist at 11 am.

41. My father joined / has joined the cavalry because he loved horses.

42. Bears often hibernate / hibernated in caves.

43. His caustic remarks hurt / hurted our feelings.

44.The social services department has / have specialists for each welfare category.

45. The politician made / has made a categorical denial of the charges that he had taken bribes.

46.  The prize was borne / born away by Manchester United.

47. He bade / bidded them farewell.

48. After I had bidden / had baded him farewell, I hurried away.

49. The Minister laid / lay the foundation stone of the new hospital.

50. The farmer killed the goose that had laid / had lain a golden egg.

51. They have finished / finished the work a week ago.

52. We had gone / went to the moves last night.

53. We had eaten / ate our dinner before we went to the movies last night.

54. He hanged / hung the picture on the wall.

55. The terrorist was hung / was hanged at midnight.

56. The doctor felt  / was feeling the patient’s pulse.

57. The farmers in that village grow / are growing vegetables all year round.

58. The proposal sounds / is sounding interesting.

59. I will have moved / will move into my new office by the end of this month.

60. I will have eaten / will eat every chocolate in that box before mom returns from work.

61. She be working / will work on that report tomorrow when I come back.

62. The lions in the Sahara have laid / have lain in wait for their pray.

63. They have never been invited / have never invited to her parties.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Verb Tenses, Test 12

Choose the correct verb tense:

They finished the house after they had been building / were building it for a year.

She didn't eat anything because she had / had had lunch.

He told her that he saw / had seen her before.
He was so exhausted because he cut / had been cutting the grass all day.

They landed when the storm ended / had ended.

He was so dirty because he had digged / had been digging the hole in the rain.

They accepted my offer after they refused / had been refusing it for a month.

I forgot that I want / wanted to buy some bread.

She knew that because someone told / had told her before.

It was so hot in the kitchen because Sue baked / had been baking cakes.

I had to have a break. I had been driving / have been driving so long.

Before we parked our car we collected / had collected the ticket.

I arrived on Sunday. I was not / had not been at home for two days.

The roads were blocked in the morning. It was snowing / had been snowing all night.

They got to the beach after they had walked / had been walking for hours.

She called the police when she saw / had seen the light in the hall.

His English was perfect. He studied / had been studying it since he started school.

I was really hungry. I did not eat / had not eaten anything since the morning.

She didn't go to work because she broke / had broken her leg.

As soon as Betty had opened the door, the burglar had rushed out / rushed out.

After he has finished / had finished his drink he got up.

He had an accident as he drove / had been driving too fast.

The show started when everyone sat down / had sat down.

The snow disappeared because it was / had been 5°C.

After she had switched on the radio she had heard / heard the news.

The ship landed in Nice after it sailed / had been sailing for two days.

At 3 o'clock he had moved / had been moving furniture for 6 hours.

Ben apologized that he made / had made a mistake.

I didn't want to read the book again because I read / had read it.

They were hungry because they had swum / had been swimming all day.

We sold our new house after we bought / had bought a new one.

The road was blocked because a tree had been falling / had fallen on it.

The street was icy in the morning as it had frozen / had been freezing all night.

I was full of energy because I had been having / had had big lunch.

Had you ever slept / Did you ever sleep in a tent before your holiday in Italy?

There was no egg left. How many eggs had you been cooking / had you cooked?

I'd been calling /I`d called Jane five times before she picked up the phone.

We had repaired / had been repairing the car for an hour when John appeared.

She had done / had been doing yoga for 40 years by the time she retired.

In 2016 I had gone / had been going to France for five years.

I didn't give up even if I had been failing / had failed so many times.

The teacher was angry with us because we didn`t do / hadn`t done our homework.

She had been lying so much in the sun that her skin had turned / turned red.