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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Daily Wild: Nature’s Most Incredible Creatures

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Can you understand the following texts? If you can, feel free to make a comment! 

1. New York's White Deer Face Uncertain Future

White-tailed deer typically aren’t all white, but a pale-furred herd of about 200 has flourished in the confines of New York’s Seneca Army Depot.
In the wild, deer with the genetic variant that results in white fur often end up easy targets for hunters or predators, but since the Army retired the 24-square-mile base in 2000, the white deer enclosed on the premises have enjoyed the safety of the depot’s chain-link perimeter fencing.
But the Army is putting the land up for sale in December, and the future of the white deer is in question. 
According to The Associated Press, the Nature Conservancy is looking at options to preserve the largely undeveloped landscape.

2. Fur Seal Pups Feeling the Heat

A record number of emaciated northern fur seal pups have ended up stranded on California beaches this year; they were taken in and cared for by facilities such as the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.
Scientists are blaming the increased strandings on unusually warm water temperatures along the coast that have pushed the fish fur seals depend on as a food source farther offshore. 
The Marine Mammal Center has rescued 1,747 seals and sea lions so far this year—the most in its 40-year history.
(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

3. With the Death of San Diego’s Northern White Rhino, the Population Drops to Three

Decimated by poaching, the species finds test tube breeding to be its last hope for survival.
A northern white rhino was euthanized Sunday at its enclosure in San Diego’s Safari Park, leaving only three of the species left in the world.

Nola, a 41-year-old, 4,500-pound female, had been under veterinary care for a bacterial infection as well as age-related health problems. Her condition worsened over the weekend, according to zoo officials.

“We’re absolutely devastated by this loss, but resolved to fight even harder to end extinction,” the San Diego Zoo posted on its Facebook page.

Nola was captured in the wild and brought to a Czech zoo at around two years of age. She arrived at the San Diego Zoo in 1989.

The world’s three remaining northern white rhinos—one male and two females—live on a 700-acre preserve in Kenya, under armed guard to protect them from poachers. 

Age and poor health have rendered them incapable of reproduction.

In 1960, as many as 2,000 northern white rhinos roamed across Chad, the Central African Republic, southwestern Sudan, northeastern Zaire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and northwestern Uganda. 

By 1984, that number had dwindled to just 15 animals.  
But conservationists hold out hope that technological advancements in in vitro fertilization over the next 10 to 15 years may save the species.
Along with habitat loss, poaching—fueled by the rise in demand for rhino horn used in traditional Asian medicines—has effectively snuffed out the northern white rhino species.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Test 12

Choose the correct answer:

If I found her address, I ------------------- her an invitation.
had send                 
would send                 
would have send

Those children are really noisy.
a. I wish they were quieter
b. I wish they would be quiet
c. If only they had been quiet

I don`t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ------------ it better
had understood                   
would understand

The information you need is / are in the report.

Last night's news was/ were very bad.

He gave me a lot of advice / advices when I joined the company.

The country with the fewest / the least people per square kilometer must be Australia.

Little did he know what his decision would lead to / Little did he knew what his decision would lead to.

The matter could be explained in no other way. / The matter could be explained in any other way.

The beavers spent the afternoon lying new branches on the lodge. / The beavers spent the afternoon laying new branches on the lodge.

The cat preferred to sit on the dining room table. / The cat preferred to set on the dining room table.

Mary lay down for a short nap before the exam./ Mary laid down for a short nap before the exam.

He is always making noise at night. / He always makes noise at night.

If you ___________ a little earlier, you would have caught the bus.
had arrived                         
would arrive                         

Choose the correct answer:

1. She burst into _______________ (tear/ tears) when she heard the bad news.

2. Peter and Jack shake _______________ (hand/ hands) and become friends again.

3. She can’t see what is written on the blackboard without her contact _______________ (len/ lens)

4. The two sisters took _______________ (turn/ turns) at sitting up with their sick mother.

5. Quite a number of _______________ (DJ/ DJs) have extended their careers to singing.

6. If you want to get well, you should take the doctor’s _______________ (advice/ advices).

7. Mary never does her _______________ (homework/ homeworks)

8. Johnny has lost his _______________ (luggage/ luggages).

9. The factory workers stopped working and took (a rest/ rest).

10. The children sat on the _______________ (grass/ grasses).

Underline the incorrect word in each sentence and write the correct word in the space provided.

1. He takes part in a lot of extracurricular activitys.  

2. I always put three teaspoon of sugar in my coffee.    

3. The field is full of sheeps.                               ______________

4. The thief was wearing jean.                              ______________

5. Money cannot buy happinesses.                           ______________ 

6. They want to finish the job themself.  

7. How many piece of cheese would you like?                  ______________

8. A mice was hiding under the table.                         ______________

9. Three passer-bys were shot in the raid.                      ______________

10. Put on more cloth or you will get a cold.                    ______________

Cross out a/an if it is wrong and substitute it with some. If it is correct, put a tick

1. Can you give me an ____________ information, please?

2. I bought a ____________ suitcase yesterday.

3. We need a ____________money for the cinema.

4. He’s eating a ____________ bread.

5. I’d like a _____________ advice about my future.

6. We stopped at the filling station to get a ___________ petrol.

7. I really need a _____________ holiday.

8. Can you give me a ___________water, please? I’m thirsty.

9. Can you pass me a ____________ newspaper?

10. Do you want an ___________ apple?

Write the past tense and past participle of the following verbs: 

dive, lend, stick, tear, forget, feel, feed, found, hold, hide, lie, swim, lay, bring, rise, hang, wind, bind, shrink, shoot, build, shake, strike, sweep, thrust, bend, wear, withdraw, kneel, keep, hold, dwell

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miscellaneous, Test 8

Are the following nouns countable or uncountable?


Choose the correct answer:

I have been drinking / have drunk 2 cups of coffee this morning. 

She has been driving / has driven 300 miles since Tuesday.

She`d better go home, wouldn`t / hadn`t she?

I haven`t been on vacation for / since two years.

The weather today is even bad / worse than yesterday.

Let`s meet again next Sunday, shall we / will you ?

He opened the box carefuly / carefully.

It has been five years since I last have spoken / spoke French.

I can sell you some bananas but only few / a few.

Sorry, I can't repay you this week. I'm completely broken / broke.

I really regretted my mistake. It was one that I had not to make / ought not have made.

The bath / sink / toilet is downstairs in the kitchen.

The princess laid / lain / lay down and slept for twenty years.

Can you put me down / in / up for the weekend?

Paul is Mary's father, so Mary is Paul's nephew / niece / daughter.

Thank you for letting me to take / take / taking your dog for a walk.

Choose the correct answer:

Hardly had I begun to speak when / than I was interrupted.

Scarcely had we started our meal when / that / than the phone rang.

No sooner had I arrived when / that / than they all started to argue.

Only after the meeting did / realized / have I realized / did I realize the importance of the subject.

In no way was the cyclist held / hold responsible for the recent accident.

I like coffee, and so does / is Ella.

Such / So was her disappointment that she started to cry.

Owls live in tree hollows, as do / are squirrels.

The doors opened, and out ran / run several people.

Only when I arrived at the hotel did I notice / did I noticed that my travel bag was missing.

Scarcely have they been on time than / when / what their teacher came in.

No sooner had he finished dinner, when / than / then she entered the room.

Only than / then / when did I understand the problem.

Such / So strange was the situation that / than I couldn`t sleep.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I improve my English ?
- Read as much as you can even if you don`t understand every word or phrase. It`s important to catch the message of the text.

- Do exercises and tests but be sure you ask somebody to correct your mistakes and explain the grammar items.

- Do a language exchange. Enter English forums, talk to English speakers, on e-mails, facebook, but be careful ! Not all English speakers are native ones.
It takes a long time to learn a foreign language and studying English might be difficult, but not so hard if you are determined to do it.

There is no quick fix when it comes to improving your command over a particular language. It always requires a lot of time and effort.

2. Do you tutor / give English language private lessons ?
Yes, I do, but  - there is always a "but" -  it depends on your level and, of course, on the purpose you would like to learn English.

3. What about tuition fees ?
Program tuition fees vary  and for full details contact me on e-mail.
Keep up to date with all of the new things I create by following me on my site. 
Or just drop by for a chat and let me know how your day has been.

4. Can you help me ?
I am open to any of your questions, I can help you improve your English and correct your writing. It mostly depends on you, i.e., your level, your way of learning, time and many others.

5. Can I ask you a question about English grammar?
Yes, of course ! I'd love to hear from you, though I get a lot of messages so I don't always reply very quickly. But I do reply! You can e-mail me at: teia_petrescu@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

If Clause, Exercise 11


1. Everybody would have drowned if the boat ---- the quayside when it sank.
A)    must not have approached     
B)   didn't approach 
C)   hadn't been approaching                 
D)   hasn't approached             
E)   wouldn't be approaching

2. My brother is sitting by the telephone wishing his girlfriend ---- him.
A)   calls        
B)   has called    
C)   will call     
D)   would call   
E)   is calling

3. I know Sid wishes she ---- the horses with her friends, but she is too young.
A)  could ride   
B)  would ride  
C)  will be riding  
D) would have ridden  
E)  has ridden

4. One day I ---- to visit my cousin in Australia if I can get three weeks off work.
A)   have liked            
B)   had liked      
C)   would like    
D)   liked        
E)   were to like

5. Later on today, I ---- a cake for tea if we---- all of the necessary ingredients , of course.
A)   would bake/were having       
B)   will bake/have
C)   could have baked/had              

D)   will have baked/have had
E)   were to have baked/would have

6. That yoghurt ---- mouldy if you ---- it soon.
A)   was going/didn't eat                
B)   would have gone/weren't eating
C)   will go/don't eat             

D)   goes/won't have eaten   
E)   would go/haven't eaten

7. If people ---- any opium-related drug often enough, they ---- physically dependent, or addicted, to the drug.
A)   take/become   
B)   took/became  
C)   would take/had become 
D)   were taking/may become              
E)   are taking/have become

8. Danny and I ---- the responsibility for the food for the party provided you ---- the hall with balloons.
A)   take/would be decorating      
B)   have taken/would decorate   
C)   can take/decorate
D)   are taking/decorated                   

E)   could take/should decorate

9. I don't believe that Susan really wants to lose weight; otherwise, she ---- vigorously every day.
A)   will be exercising   
B)   was exercising   
C)   exercises    
D)   has exercised
E)   would exercise

10. When I entered the teenager's bedroom, it looked as though a hurricane ---- the place.
A)   has hit    
B)   hits    
C)   would hit   
D)   had hit    
E)   has been hitting

11. David ---- the sponsored bike ride if he ---- to raise money on behalf of that charity for world peace.
A)   doesn't enter/wouldn't have decided          B)   wasn't entering/didn't decide
C)   didn't enter/hasn't decided           

D)   couldn't enter/might not decide
E)   wouldn't be entering/hadn't decided

12. You ---- in your exam paper when the bell rings even if you ---- answering all of the questions.
A)   have to hand/haven't finished            
B)   will hand/didn't finish
C)   were handing/wouldn't have finished             

D)   must hand/may not finish
E)   would have handed/hadn't finished

13. Sheila was busy trying to please Jim all night at the party, as though he ---- the only guest at her party.
A)   were    
B)   would be   
C)   has been    
D)   had been    
E)   could be

14. ----John ---- in late again today, don't hesitate to give him a final warning. I cannot stand anyone not being punctual at all.
A)   Had/come   
B)   Should/come    
C)   Would/come    
D)   Will/come    
E)   Has/come

15. Most of the students ---- a lot better on the test, but they definitely ----- adequate time. 
A)   will be doing/don't give     
B)   should have done/aren't given 
C)   did/wouldn't have been given   
D)   were doing/haven't given
E)   could have done/weren't given

16. As he ---- a party with us that evening, that means that he ---- in the vicinity the night Tommy was attacked.
A)    had attended/won't be   
B)    had been attending/hasn't been
C)   was attending/couldn't have been     

D)   attends/wouldn't be
E)   would attend/hadn't been

17. If we ---- out all the clutter in our filing cabinets in the first place, we ---- so behind with the tax payments now.
A)   were sorting/wouldn't have been    
B)    have sorted/can't have been
C)   sorted/won't be      

D)   had sorted/wouldn't be    
E)   are sorting/haven't been

18. My brother ---- the competition provided safety measures ----.
A)   enters/were to be taken      
B)   has entered/had been taken
C)   would enter/were taken    

D)   will enter/will have taken   
E)   entered/would have been taken

19. Kate has just ignored me as if we ---- complete strangers. Have I upset her?
A)   were         
B)   are             
C)   will be         
D)   would be     
E)    have been

20. If you ---- to go by the area where I live while you're travelling to your destination, would you like to stop over for a break?
A) have happened            
B) should happen   
C) would happen    
D) might happen
E) had happened

21. "If there ---- so many badly behaved boys in that awful class, perhaps it ---- quite so unruly," argued the substitute teacher.
A)   hadn't been/shouldn't be    
B)   can't be/might not be    
C)   wouldn't be/wasn't
D)   aren't/hasn't been      

E)   weren't/wouldn't be

22. I---- you to the party, but I was informed that you ---- in Italy on holiday.
A)   will invite/have been     
B)   had been inviting/are   
C)   would have invited/were
D)   would invite/had been              E)   invited/would have been

23. You ---- for your exams; now, you failed your degree and ruined your chances of getting a good job!
A)   have to revise    
B)   should have revised     
C)   will be revising
D)   had been revising     

E)   must have revised

24. I wish you ---- your gum less vigorously. It's getting on my nerves.
A) would chew    
B) are chewing    
C) have chewed    
D) can  chew  
E) chew

25. Jenny ---- back to work after the baby is born if she ----- work part-time.
A)   would come/will be able to    
B)   will come/is able to   
C)   was coming/had been able to  

D)   has come/has been able to     E)   comes/might be able to

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Subject - Verb Agreement, Exercise 2


Choose the correct answer:

Mary and her friends is / are at the fair.

The pencil or the pen is / are in the drawer.

The boy or his friends run / runs every day.

His friends or the boy run / runs every day.

One of the boxes is / are open.

The people who listen to that music is / are few.

The team captain, as well as his players, is / are anxious.

The book, including all the chapters in the first section, is / are boring.

The woman with all the dogs walk / walks down my street.

Each of these hot dogs is / are juicy.

Everybody know /  knows Mr. Jones.

Either is / are  correct. 

Five dollars is / are a lot of money.

Dollars is / are often used instead of rubles in Russia.

The team run / runs during practice.

The committee decide / decides how to proceed.

The family has / have  a long history.

My family has / have never been able to agree. 

The President, accompanied by his wife, is / are traveling to India.

All of the books, including yours, is / are in that box.

It look / looks like rain.

These confuse / confuses me.

Those take / takes the cake.


None has both singular and plural forms. 
The singular verb form is used when “none” means “no one” or “not one”. 

The plural is used when “none” implies more than one thing or person.

i.e. None of us think / thinks what she said is correct.
i.e. None of the local teams is / are making it to the second round in the tournament.

Her attitude as well as her appearance is / are inappropriate.