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Monday, July 24, 2017

Phrasal Verbs, Exercise 3

Choose the correct phrasal verb in each sentence:

1. Can you go up / come up with a better idea?

2. She pointed out / pointed in that the shops would already be closed.

3. I wish I hadn’t picked up / taken on so much work!

4. I left out / went out for dinner with my husband last night.

5. He went out / came into the kitchen and did / made some tea.

6. Where did you bring up / grow up?

7. I’d love to set up / set in my own business.

8. I really want  to get into / to get out of this office and go for a walk.

9. As I arrived, he came out of / came into of the door.

10. She picked up / took off some dinner on the way home.

11. Could you find out / let out what time we need to arrive?

12. I thought the conference was going to be boring but it turned out / turned off to be quite useful.

13. What time did you come back / return back yesterday?

14. She came out of the cafée and put on / put out her gloves.

15. A performance is going on / is going off at the moment.

16. He got out of / get into the car.

17. Would anybody like to take on / take off  this new client?

18. He came up / onto with a solution.

19. Get lost! / Get out my sight!

20. At the end of the film, it turned out / stayed out that John was a good guy.

21. If you work too hard for too long, you might become exhausted, in other words - you’ll ___________. 
a) burn up b) burn out c) burn over

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