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Sunday, August 30, 2015

If Clause, Exercise 2


Choose the correct answer:

1. If you heat water, it will boil / it boils.

2. If they don`t arrive soon, we will leave / we would leave without them.

3. If you have finished / had finished / the essay, leave it on my desk.

4. If I have time / had time, I would drop you off at school.

5. Have I known / Had I known about his condition, I would have helped him.

6. If I'd bought / I`ve bought the lottery ticket, we would be millionaires now.

7. If he was going to come, he would have arrived by now / he would arrive by now.

8. If I were in Hawaii, I would be lying / would have been lying on the beach now.

9. I would be rafting / would have been rafting down the Colorado River right now if my leg weren't broken.

10. If he had been standing  / had stood  near the house when the wall collapsed, it would have killed him.

11. If James had been crossing / had crossed the street when the car ran the red light, it would have hit him.

12. I would have helped him / would help him / would helped him if he asked me to.

13. Should you have any information about that / If you had any information about that, please call me up.

14. I wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t been invited / I haven`t been invited.

15. If I have / had enough money, I will go to Japan.

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