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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Subject - Verb Agreement, Exercise 2


Choose the correct answer:

Mary and her friends is / are at the fair.

The pencil or the pen is / are in the drawer.

The boy or his friends run / runs every day.

His friends or the boy run / runs every day.

One of the boxes is / are open.

The people who listen to that music is / are few.

The team captain, as well as his players, is / are anxious.

The book, including all the chapters in the first section, is / are boring.

The woman with all the dogs walk / walks down my street.

Each of these hot dogs is / are juicy.

Everybody know /  knows Mr. Jones.

Either is / are  correct. 

Five dollars is / are a lot of money.

Dollars is / are often used instead of rubles in Russia.

The team run / runs during practice.

The committee decide / decides how to proceed.

The family has / have  a long history.

My family has / have never been able to agree. 

The President, accompanied by his wife, is / are traveling to India.

All of the books, including yours, is / are in that box.

It look / looks like rain.

These confuse / confuses me.

Those take / takes the cake.


None has both singular and plural forms. 
The singular verb form is used when “none” means “no one” or “not one”. 

The plural is used when “none” implies more than one thing or person.

i.e. None of us think / thinks what she said is correct.
i.e. None of the local teams is / are making it to the second round in the tournament.

Her attitude as well as her appearance is / are inappropriate.

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