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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Modal Verbs, Test 2


·  I'm sorry I _____ come yesterday.
a. could not
b. might not
·  I'm sorry but I _____ be able to come today.
a. could not
b. might not
·  I'm sure that _____ have been him.
a. could not
b. might not
·  I'm not sure, but that _____ have been him.
a. could not
b. might not
·  Let's check the news. The airport _____ be open.
a. could not
b. might not
·  I _____ tell him the truth about Holly... but I should have.
a. could not
b. might not
·  Jane had made other plans, so she _____ come with us to the museum yesterday.
a. could not
b. might not
·  Jane has made other plans, so she _____ come with us to the museum today.
a. could not
b. might not
·  He _____ have possibly won that contest! He was so stupid!
a. could not
b. might not

·  She _____ have told him. That's why he didn't mention anything to me.
a. could not
b. might not

Friday, July 28, 2017

Error Correction, Exercise 1

Correct the mistakes:

1. She recommended me that I take a few days off from work.
2. I tried to explain him the problem, but he had difficulty understanding me.
3. I don’t know why you didn’t go. If I were you, I should have gone.
4. Kate claims that if she got an MBA after finishing her bachelor’s degree, she might have been considered for the position.
5. Kevin says he stopped to travel internationally because of his family.
6. We regret informing you that your application has been denied.
7. The interview was broadcasted live over the internet.
8. I’m so glad that he spoke in my behalf because I felt awful that I couldn’t make it to the event.
9. At first I studied engineering in college, but I ended getting a marketing degree.
10. It was a frustrating situation because we were uncapable of helping.
11. When the check came, I tried to pay but John told me to put away my wallet and insisted that he paid for dinner.
12. They had managed a few crisises in the past, so they were able to handle this situation fairly well.
13. If you would’ve told me, I would have given you my honest advice.
14. The four participants discussed it between themselves.
15. We thought we were going to expand this year, but we actually have less people now than we did two years ago.
16. She’s trying to concentrate herself on finishing her degree.
17. Unfortunately, the species has got extinct due to human activity.
18. I’m a little afraid to do this by my own.
19. He told me that he had never been in that restaurant before.
20. Never before I had seen something quite like that.

If Clause, Exercise 16

Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

If I ______________(stay) in Winchester, I would have found a new girlfriend.

He would do more to help the poor if he ___________(be) the Pope.

If he goes to London on a business trip, he often ______(visit) Soho.

We won't go to the film unless they _______________(arrive) in the next 5 minutes.

She ________________(buy) a new car if she had had the money.

If Mary were me, she ____________(go) to Manchester immediately. 

They will talk to Jack if he ___________(come).

Maria comes to work 30 minutes late if her child ________(miss) the bus to school.

If Peter _______________(think) twice, he wouldn't have made such a stupid mistake.

Casey __________(become) a university lecturer if she studies hard. 

If they _____________(know) all the facts, they would have found the defendant guilty.

Unless she _____________(hurry up), they will never arrive on time. 

If I were in charge, I _____(change) the standard business routines.

He takes his daughter out to dinner, if she ________(come) to town.

She will call you tomorrow if she ______(have) time.

Tony hates being short. He would be happier if he _____  (be) taller.

If you ________(come) with us last week, you would have seen some amazing things.

If it rains, we ________ (not go) on the trip.

I’m sorry you don’t know her. If you knew her, you _____ (like) her.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Test 1

Choose the right answer: 

I'm going to meet... professor James.
an;  b) the;  c) a;  d) –

The little boy feared lest he ... punished by his mother. 
would be; b) should be;  c) could be;  d) were

Our advice was for them ... until the morning came. 
wait;  b) to wait;  c) should wait;  d) waited

May I suggest that you ... your mind? 
make up;  b) would make up; c) made up;  d) shall make up

Her only wish was that her children ... there for her last days.
 a] would be       b] could be      
 c] being              d] should be

I'd rather you ... mention it to my parents.
haven't;  b) will not; c) didn't;  d) don't

If only you ... me earlier! 
a) have told;  b) told;  c) had told;  d) would tell

Even if they ... ready, nothing would have changed.
a) were;  b) would be;  c) are;  d) had been

I wish you ... leaving! 
a) aren't;  b) weren't;  c) wasn't;  d) wouldn't be.

I wish I ... better for the exams! 
a) study;  b) had studied;  c) would study;  d) have studied

... he to agree to our proposal, we could go on with the project.
a) Was;  b) Is;  c) Were; d) Would

In this forest there are many .... 
a) wolves; b) wolfves;  c) wolfes

It is only fair that you ... the truth.
a) knew;  b) may know;  c) would know;  d) should know

Why ... the bus now? 
a) don't get on;  b) not get on;  c) not to get on;  d) not getting on

All the ... were covered with snow. 
a) roofvs;  b) roves;  c) roofs; d) roofes

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

*Nicolae Balcescu* Land Force Academy! Congratulations on passing your exams!

Congratulations to all my students who passed their exams at *Nicolae Balcescu* Land Force Academy!!!

I am very proud of you!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Best of Luck to all my students!!!

I wish the Best of Luck to you, all, on your exams!!!

My warm wishes will be with you!!!

You did really hard work on your study all year long!

May you definitely do well!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Phrasal Verbs, Exercise 3

Choose the correct phrasal verb in each sentence:

1. Can you go up / come up with a better idea?

2. She pointed out / pointed in that the shops would already be closed.

3. I wish I hadn’t picked up / taken on so much work!

4. I left out / went out for dinner with my husband last night.

5. He went out / came into the kitchen and did / made some tea.

6. Where did you bring up / grow up?

7. I’d love to set up / set in my own business.

8. I really want  to get into / to get out of this office and go for a walk.

9. As I arrived, he came out of / came into of the door.

10. She picked up / took off some dinner on the way home.

11. Could you find out / let out what time we need to arrive?

12. I thought the conference was going to be boring but it turned out / turned off to be quite useful.

13. What time did you come back / return back yesterday?

14. She came out of the cafée and put on / put out her gloves.

15. A performance is going on / is going off at the moment.

16. He got out of / get into the car.

17. Would anybody like to take on / take off  this new client?

18. He came up / onto with a solution.

19. Get lost! / Get out my sight!

20. At the end of the film, it turned out / stayed out that John was a good guy.

21. If you work too hard for too long, you might become exhausted, in other words - you’ll ___________. 
a) burn up b) burn out c) burn over

Miscellaneous, Test 12

Underline the correct answer:

I. Chris........................playing for two hours now. He needs a rest!
a. had been                 
b. is              
c. has been               
d. will have been

2 .I think it’s.................................. to read a book than watch a movie.
a. good        
b. well          
c. best              
d. better

3. He’s.............................. biting his nails!
a. sometimes           
b. eternally              
c. regularly                
d. always

4. Cynthia, ..............................a novelist, has already published three books.
a. who is         
b. that is              
c. which is               
d. whose

5. Unfortunately, the bicycle that Michael wants........................................for him to buy. a. isn’t very cheap       
b. isn’t cheap enough       
c. isn’t too cheap   
d. isn’t enough cheap

6. A large............. ............... of people attended the Olympic Games opening ceremony.
a. amount              
b. number       
c. quantity          
d. percent

7. Rob won’t eat meat and neither . ......................Tom.
a. will             
b. won’t                
c. can                  
d. does

8. If Karen.......................... the group, she would have been able to attend the meeting.
a. have joined                
b. has joined               
c. had joined        
d. haven`t joined

9 I prefer pop music....................classical music.
a. than                
b. for                   
c. instead                    
d. to

10. If only I........................to university when I was younger!

a. would have gone                 
b. had gone              
c. could go               
d. went 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Error Correction, Exercise 2

Identify the error(s) (if any) in the sentences below. Some sentences may contain more than one error. Correct them all.

A dog bitted the postman as he was passing by a fence.

On the chair was a white beautiful cat.

Everybody believed they are still in love and one journalist even asked whether would they give him an interview.

The news were being widespread about the miners’ having stroked gold.

Somebody must have remembered him to pay the bill.

This cupboard is containing the new equipment.

The students have never been explained the problem properly.

I never watched TV in the evening.

There was the most beautiful girl in that room.

Everybody thought she has been dying her hair for years.

Could you please remember me to ring him up at 5.00?

Why didn’t you lie the table? You know we’ve got guests tonight.

No, don’t buy tea.  She uses to drink coffee in the morning.

The analyses which they came up with was incredible.

They have never met anyone nice somewhere.

They insist that he left at once.

It surprised me them finding him there.