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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Test 5

Choose the correct answers 

1. It is urgent that she deliver / delivers / the packet.

2. It is strange that he behave / behaves / like that !

3. Choose the correct phrase:

- on the sun / in the sun
- on the back of the house / at the back of the house

4. Choose the correct adverbs and correlative conjunctions:

- not only……….but then
- not only……….but than
- not only……….but also
- hardly…………..than
- hardly…………..that
- hardly………….when
- hardly………….then
- hardly............before
- scarcely / barely…………. than
- scarcely / barely…………..then
- scarcely / barely…………..when
- no sooner.................that
- no sooner..........than
- whether...............or
- whether.............if

5. Write the phrasal verb, corresponding to the following verbs:
ex. put out = extinguish
- omit
- continue
- escape without punishment
- cancel
- postpone
- visit
- invent
- examine / investigate

6. Write the other 2 forms [ past tense and past participle ] of the following verbs:

-        fly
-        lend
-        feel
-        see
-        fell
-        fall
-        lie
-        lay
-        hang
-        flow
-        flee
-        sink

7. Write the comparative and superlative of the following adjectives and adverbs: well, good, little, much, many, fat, narrow, difficult, clever, sly, shy, abstract, direct

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns Exercise

Choose the correct answer:

1. She's not his friend, she's ---(my/mine). 

2. Robert didn't drink his own coffee. He drank ---(her/hers). 

3. That is one of ---(hers/her) friends. 

4. His neighborhood is safe, while ---(my/mine) neighborhood isn't. 

5. His neighborhood is safe, while --- (my/mine) isn't. 

6. Did ---(your/yours) mother call? 

7. I don't know ---(them/their) very well. 

8. I don't know ---(them/their) daughter very well. 

9. I talked to ---(my/me) grandmother for three hours last night. 

10. I think I got my notes mixed up with ---(your/yours). 

Choose the correct answer:

Where is my/mine book?

Here is our/ours teacher.

She goes to school with (she) her/hers brother.

Their/Theirs father works in a car factory.

Yours /Your laptop is very expensive.

His / He`s favorite hobby is tennis.

Mine / My husband and I want to go to Paris.

We want to see  its/it`s historical monuments.

Leila likes hers / her dog !

It`s / Its name is Bobby.

Choose the right possessive adjective:

Two students didn't do their/theirs mathematics homework.

I have a car. Mine / My car is black.

We have a dog. Its / It`s name is Pancho.

Nancy is from England. Her / Hers husband is from Australia.

John and Nadia go to a high school. Theirs / Their little brother goes to primary school.

Mr. O'Brian has a van. His/ He`s van is very old.

We go to a high school. Our/ Ours high school is fantastic.

I like singing. Mine / My mother sings with me.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Verb Tenses, Test 2

Choose the correct answer:

1. They (were cleaning up / had cleaned up) while I was cooking dinner.

2. There was no food left when I returned. They (had eaten / ate) everything!

3. If she had visited us last summer, she (would have enjoyed / would enjoy) the hikes in the mountains.

4. I (checked / was checking) the bags before we left on holiday.

5. If he (broke / had broken) the window he would repair it.

6. She told me she was flying to Chicago last week. She (must have been / must be) in her hotel room last night.

7. By the time the presentation began, they (completed / had completed) their discussion.

8. If I (had been / were) you, I would finish my homework!

9. She is very intelligent. She (can not have thought/ couldn't have thought) that!

10. When I arrived, they (stretched their legs / were stretching their legs).

12. I (work) ......  as a assistant, but this summer I (study) ...... computer science in Vienna.

14. Take your umbrella! It (rain) ......  .

England Tomorrow I shall work more than I worked / have worked / would work / yesterday. 

19. He knows that /I am being busy / I was busy / I shall be busy tomorrow.

20. At first I thought it / were / would have being  / would be / good enough for me.

21. I have been relying / relied / had relied on my Christmas bonus to pay for the gifts I buy for my family.

22. After she had learned to drive, Alice felt / feels / is feeling / more independent.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Test 3


Choose the correct item:

1. Kate is always …… dressed. She loves jeans and T-shirts.

A formally                    B officially                      C casually

2. I like Jim, but I think he is a bit ……… sometimes.

A stubborn               B co-operative                     C loyal

3. It was a ………… night and Jane lost her way in the dark.

A strong                B moonless                        C rough

4. “Help!” he …………horrified, but nobody heard him.

A faded             B sweeped                    C yelled

5. Are you sure that the Second World War broke ….. 1939?

A out                   B in                         C up

6. Doug is looking …………… a new flat in the center, now that he has to work there.

A up               B forward                       C for

7. My brother has really ……… views on politics and we sometimes argue

A strong                     B heavy                        C big

8. Jerry is clever. …………, he can be forgetful.

A And                   B However                            C As well

9. You can’t go out! It is pouring ………. rain. 

A in                    B on                        C with

10. Actors are always in the ………. eye.  

A public            B crowd                       C shadow

11. Sheila ran ……… Simon on her way to work last Monday morning.

A over                  B after                         C into

12. Joe ……. in love with Eve the minute he saw her.

A went                    B fell                          C got

13. I called my friend after I ………. my homework.

A have finished           B had finished                  C finish

14. I think it ……. tomorrow. We shouldn’t go on a picnic.

A will rain                   B rains                C is raining

15. Dad told me ………… Mum with the shopping.
A helping                      B to help           C help

16Tracy, ……….. office is next to mine, is American.

A which                    B who’s                         C whose

17. Robert ……….. us about his trip to Spain.
A said                               B told                  C added

18. If you …………. to know the answer, you will have to ask him.

A wanted                   B wishes                C want

19. ………… she was washing her face, the water stopped running.

A As                           B After           C As soon as

18. Jill asked Angela when ….. be back.

A will she                 B would she                C she would

19. Lucy ……….. to the opera before last week.

A hadn’t been       B hasn’t been           C wasn’t

Used to, Be Used to and Get Used to Exercise

Choose the correct answer:

After the holidays it takes me a week __________ up early again.
to get used to get        
be used to getting          
get used to getting             
to be used to get

I _______ to play football when I was young. I'm too old and fat to play now.
got used to                      
was used to

At first it was difficult for her to speak in French all the time but she _________ to it now.
was used               
is used                   
gets used

I've been getting up early every day for years but I ________ to it.
am still not used         
am already used   

The queue in the baker's ___________ to be so bad but now it's terrible. It must be that new chapata bread they bake. It's delicious.   
didn`t used          
didn`t use         
was used

People ________ Internet yet but in a few years time everybody will be surfing around like crazy.

aren`t used to using      
aren`t used to use     
don`t use 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Test 10

Choose the correct answer:

1. You should ----- swimming.
a. start up           
b. get off             
c. take off     
d. take up

2. I'm fed up ----------- this exercise.
with doing              
to do         
to doing                
for doing

3. She has been ------- of murdering her husband.

4. You ----- the cleaning. I would have done it tonight.
didn`t need to do     
needn`t have done            
didn`t need to make    
shouldn`t have made

5. They have put speed bumps on the road to ----- accidents.

 6. We would never have had the accident if you ------ so fast.
wouldn't been driving        
hadn't been driving         
had driven                   
wouldn't drive

7. -------------------- the better team, we lost the match.
Despite of                  
Despite being                 

8. You ---- see a doctor.
should better            
would rather                
had better              
would prefer

9. The tree ----- by lightning.
was stroke        
was being struck        
was struck             
was stricken

10. Please do not read -----------. You're disturbing everyone else in the library. 

11. Small amounts of baby formula and breast milk are --------------- in the aircraft cabin if a baby or small child is traveling.

12. You ----------work  tomorrow. It`s Saturday.
don`t must              
don`t have to                

13. Active Voice:The farmer is growing vegetables.
      Choose the correct Passive Voice sentence below:
Vegetables are growing by  farmer                 
Vegetables are being grown by the farmer                
Vegetables are grown by the farmer               
Vegetables were being grown by the farmer