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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If Clause, Exercise 1


  Write the correct form of the verbs:

If the question (be) difficult, we can ask the teacher.

Lee will go to the Disneyland if he (save) enough money.

If I (buy) a lottery ticket, I might win the lottery.
My friend usually walks to school if he (have) enough time.

If the movie (start) at eight, we will be late!

We can go water-skiing if Jeff’s boat (have) gas.

The class will have party if the students all (pass) their tests.

If there (be) milk in the refrigerator, I’ll have milk with my cake.

If my sister (eat) all of the cake, I will get angry.

My mother always punishes my sister if she (tell) a lie.

Negatives: (Use contractions)

If the world (not end) tomorrow, we’ll have to go to work as usual.

If the pizza (not come now), we can eat a sandwich instead.

If there (not be) any milk in the refrigerator, I’ll go to the supermarket.

If it (not snow) tomorrow, we can’t go skiing.

My dad will paint the garage if it (not rain) on Friday.

If we (not go) to work, we won’t get paid.

We can’t go if we (not buy) tickets.

I will call you if she (not go) to the movies.

We should go jogging if it (not be) raining outside.

If the phone (not ring) this afternoon, I can take a nap.

Put the verbs in the brackets into the right tense:

If I (buy) a lottery ticket, I (could win) the lottery.

If Ben (give) somebody his word, he keep it.

If you (call) me, I (come). -supposition

If more mad cows (be found) many hitchers (lose) their jobs.

If the Stock Exchange (crash), people (lose) their money.

If guns (be abolished) we (feel) much safer.

If I (win) the lottery, I (go) on vacation to Paris.

If I (know) before that Athens was such a beautiful place, I (spend) two weeks there.

If computers had existed 500 years ago, we (have) Shakespeare’s file.

If I (not invest) all my money in shares, I (be) a poor man now.

You have to work hard if you [ want ] to fail your exam.

I would have told you the news earlier if I [ see ] you.
If the report is not on my desk until tomorrow, you [ be ] in big trouble.

If we had had enough money, we [ go ] to the concert.

You [ speak ] English better if you read more English newspapers.

If he had not fallen asleep, he [ crash ] his car.

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