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Welcome !

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Subject - Verb Agreement, Exercise 3

1.  The piano as well as the pipe organ ____________ to be tuned for the big concert.
 HAS                                 HAVE

2.  The mayor together with his two brothers ____________ going to be indicted for accepting bribes.
 ARE                                 IS

3.  Neither of my two suitcases ____________ adequate for this trip.
 IS                                    ARE

4.  There ____________ a list of committee members on the head-table.
 ARE                                IS

5.  Everybody in the class ____________ done the homework well in advance.
  HAS                              HAVE

6.  The jury ____________ their seats in the courtroom.
TAKE                             TAKES

7.  Neither the teacher nor the students ____________ to understand this assignment.
 SEEM                             SEEMS

8.  ____________ either my father or my brothers made a down-payment on the house?
HAS                                HAVE

9.  Hartford is one of those cities that ____________ working hard to reclaim a riverfront.
IS                                    ARE
10.  Some of the grain ____________ gone bad.
 HAVE                             HAS

11.  A few of the students ____________ doing so well they can skip the next course.
ARE                                                       IS

12.  Either the Committee on Course Design or the Committee on College Operations ____________ these matters. 
 DECIDE                                              DECIDES 

13.  One of my instructors ____________ written a letter of recommendation for me.
HAVE                                                  HAS

14.  ___________ either Luis or his parents written to Angela?
HAVE                                                 HAS

15.  Neither Luis nor his parents ___________ the least bit interested in keeping in touch with her.
IS                                                       ARE

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