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Friday, December 26, 2014

Verb Tenses, Test 6

Fill in the blanks with the correct tense forms (present continuous / present perfect / present perfect continuous tense) of the verb. 
Choose your answers from the given options.

1. It …………… continuously since morning.
is raining              
has been raining                       
was raining

2. I ………………… him only once.
have met                        
have been meeting                   
am meeting

3. I ……………….. him for a long time.
did not see                         
have not seen                         
does not see

4. The children are hungry. They ……………… in the garden.
are playing             
have played                   
have been playing

5. We ……………… each other since our school days.
have been knowing                      
have known

6. ………………… you ………………… the job?
Have, completed                
Are, completed                  
Have, been completing

7. Her health …………….. considerably since she returned from the hills.
has improved                     
is improving                       
has been improved

8. We …………………. to find our way home yet.
have not managed                        
did not manage                     
have not been managing

9. Those who ……………. their work are free to go home.
have finished                         
have been finishing

10. This is the fifth time you …………………… that question.
have asked                 
have been asking

Choose the right answer:

1. We have stayed/have been staying / are staying in this house for the past three years.

2. The students went/have gone on an educational tour.

3. Only those students who have secured / have been secured / are secured ‘A’ grades will be considered for admission.

4. Sorry I am late. Have you been waiting long / Have you waited long?

5. If you have read / read / are reading that book, you should return it to the library.

6. Sorry about the mess – I have been painting / have painted the walls.

7. You have eaten / ate / have been eating ten candies since lunchtime.

8. I have written / have been writing / am writing six letters since morning.

9. I have been watching / have watched a lot of films recently.

10. I watched/have watched / have been watching three films this week.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Test 9


61. Look out! That wall … .
a) will collapse 
b) is going to collapse 
c) will be collapsing 
d) is collapsing

62. The thieves … the stolen goods behind a cupboard.
a) hide
b) hidden
c) hid 
d) hided

63. I don’t like that dress. … do you mean, the one over there?
a) What 
b) Which 
c) Whom 
d) Who

64. Nobody enjoys … as we do.
a) himself 
b) oneself 
c) him
d) themselves

65. You want your friend to carry your bag for you.
a) Need you carry my bag for me ?
b) Must you carry my bag for me ?
c) Shall you carry my bag for me ? 
d) Would you carry my bag for me ?

66. To study in … Paris is one of … most challenging things for … painter.
 a) -/the/a
b) -/-/the
c) the/the/an
d) -/the/an

67. I’d rather you … mention it to my parents.
a) hadn’t
b) don’t
c) didn’t
d) don’t

68. I wish the committee … on their agenda instead of putting it off.
a) will agree
b) agreed
c) agrees
d) agree

69. If only you … me earlier!
a) had told
b) told
c) have told
d) would tell

70. He is … the cleverest boy in the school.
a) quite
b) much
c) far 
d) by far

71. The teacher made me … behind after school. 
a) to stay
b) staying
c) stay 
d) had stayed

72. You will soon … to living in the city.
a) be used
b) get used
c) use
d) used

73. Put … your gloves. It is very cold outside.
a) on 
b) up
c) in
d) away

74. It’s high time you … your flat.
a)  will redecorate
b) redecorate
c) redecorated
d) have redecorated

75. If he had some money, he … on holiday.
a) could go
b) can go
c) will go
d) went

76. She … a doctor when she … medical school. She thinks she … in a hospital for
most of her career.
a) is going to become / will finish/ will have probably worked
b) will be becoming / finishes/ will have probably worked
c) will be becoming / will finish/ will have probably worked
d) is going to become/ finishes/ will probably work

77. Paul was angry with me … using his car.
a) because
b) at
c) about
d) for

78. The shop I want to go is on the … of the city. 
a) outskirtes
b) outskirts
c) outskirt
d) skirts

79. A friend in … need is … friend indeed.
a) -/ the
b) - / -
c) -/ a
d) a/ a

80. They … for three hours when they stopped for a rest.
a) were driving
b) have been driving
c) had been driving
d) drove

81. World War II broke … in 1939.
a) up
b) out
c) down
d) into

82. She became a teacher, …?
a) didn’t it
b) isn’t she
c) doesn’t she
d) didn’t she

83. The … bicycles are in the garden, where they left them.
a) boys’
b) boys
c) boy
d) boy’s

84. I woke up so late that I … had time for breakfast.
a) harder
b) hard
c) hardly
d) hardest

85. Many people were watching while the film … .
a) had been shot
b) was shooting
c) was being shot
d) has been shot

86. My luggage … in the car already.
a) had been
b) will be
c) are
d) is

87. Give him … job to do. He’s only a child.
a) a more easy
b) an easier
c) a more easily
d) an easyer

88. … he was tired, Andy went tot the party.
a) Although
b) Despite
c) However
d) In spite of

89. Jack … whether he was late for the meeting. 
a) told
b) said
c) asked
d) was saying

90. But for …, we wouldn’t have found our way.
a ) your help
b) you to help
c) you helped
d) you helped me

Friday, December 5, 2014

Police Vocabulary Exercise


Choose the correct answer:

1) Police officers carefully observed and secured the __________________.
investigation    all points bulletin      crime scene

2) Unfortunately, the police were unable to gather enough evidence during their
investigation   the scene of the crime                    investigate

3) The police sent out an __________________ to notify the police force of the details of the crime  and criminal. At last, the criminal was arrested on San Miguel Street.
police dog     all points bulletin       handcuffs

4) Hugo attended the __________________ in this city then he joined the police force.
patrol car       chief constable      Police Academy

5) __________________ protect the safety of motorists and pedestrians. They can arrest you for drunk driving.
Interpol          Traffic police              Policeman

6) The criminal resisted being taken into the __________________.
Police College       flak jacket             squad car

7) A police officer grabbed a criminal and put __________________ on him.
handcuffs                  crime scene          flak vest

8) This __________________ is trained in searching buildings, baggage and vehicles.
police dog      search warrant          policemen

9) The Royal Canadian __________________ has twenty horses in its possession.
Mounted Police   Plainclothes     Police Custody

10) Three football hooligans were remanded in __________________ yesterday evening.
handcuffs          Interpol              police custody

11) __________________ policemen wear civilian clothes when on duty.
Patrol car       Investigate           Plain-clothes

12) A dangerous criminal wanted by __________________ managed to escape from the city.
Interpol   all points bulletin      police academy

13) On Friday night, a young man was __________________ on charges of possession of cocaine.
arrested           investigation              arrest

14) He was taken to the __________________ for questioning because he was suspected of committing a crime.
investigate         police dog              police station

15) Christopher was surprised when he was suddenly stopped and arrested by two
__________________ in Spain.
traffic police     Mounted Police      policemen

16) A __________________ is the head of the police force in a county.
plainclothes    chief constable       police custody

17) This officer was shot during a mission. Fortunately, a __________________ saved his life.
police dogs         police station         flak jacket

18) With a __________________, police officers may search a flat without its owner's consent.
chief constable           arrest         search warrant

19) Ally is a __________________ . She currently works in the Crime Prevention Unit.
policeman       policewoman         policewomen

20) Police __________________ a double murder in the village ten years ago.
investigated         investigation            arrest