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Monday, January 29, 2018

Scoala de Agenti de Politie Campina 2018


61. They ……..for a house in this area these days.
a. look      
b. will look        
c. are looking                
d. looked

62. Sally……dinner when the phone rang.
a. was making     
b. made             
c. used to make       
d. has made

63. Unfortunately, I……….from him since then.
a. didn`t hear             
b. don`t hear            
c. wasn`t hearing     
d. haven`t heard

64. After they reached the cottage, they realized someone else……..there.
a. was                  
b. had been                  
c. were                       
d. has been

65. You remembered to take your passport, ……?
a. did you       
b. are you             
c. isn`t it?         
d. didn`t you

66. I was starving because I……anything for three days.
a. hasn`t been eating             
b. hadn`t eaten              
c. had eaten              
d. has eaten

67. I expect they….able to buy their own cottage next year.
a. will have been          
b. are going to be                    
c. will be          
d. is

68. By 2050, scientists …………more energy efficient machines.
a. will have invented                 
b. will invent              
c. invented           
d. will be invented

69. Did you….doughnuts with your tea yesterday morning?
a. used to have             
b. have                 
c. had                
d. haved

70. I……an apple pie, that`s why I need so many eggs.
a. will be baked             
b. bake           
c. won`t bake                
d. am going to bake

71. All the participants in the exam…….bring dictionaries in the examination room.
a. aren`t allowed             
b. mustn`t to            
c. mustn`t         
d. don`t need to

72. Excuse me, Dr. Jones……I borrow your research notes, please?
a. may                  
b. must                      
c. should                    
d. need

73. If I……you, I wouldn`t go hiking alone in such a dangerous place.
a. am                
b. will be                
c. were             
d. might be

74. If you want to find a cheap flight, ……early.
a. book                  
b. booked                  
c. have booked        
d. will book               

75. These photos…….with a forty-year-old camera.
a. being taken                  
b. were taking                      
c. will be take        
d. were taken

76. It……having a web page is a good way to advertise a business.
a. is thinking of           
b. is thought that             
c. thinks that             
d. was thought to

77. I wish she …………..happier about the present I gave her on her birthday.
a. were                   
b. are                      
c. is                         
d. has been

78. The manager asked me how long ……unemployed.
a. had I been                   
b. am I                      
c. I had been               
d. have I been

79. I will call you when I ……home to tell you the big news.
a. arrive                  
b. will arrive                 
c. arrives                    
d. arrived

80. I am going to take my camera tomorrow so Karen needn`t take……
a. theirs                    
b. my                     
c. its                       
d. hers

81. How…….milk would you like in your coffee?
a. many                   
b. much                       
c. a little                    
d. a lot of

82. It was……earthquake Asia had ever experienced.
a. as bad as                     
b. worse                     
c. the worst                    
d. worst

83. …….supermarkets in your neighbourhood?
a. Is there some            
b. Is there any                
c. Are there some              
d. Are there any

84. The information they gave us at the police station……incorrect.
a. were                         
b. was                        
c. is being                      
d. are

85. I`m sure that`s the place …..the accident happened.
a. where               
b. who                      
c. which                           
d. when

86. Frank accused me ……stealing money from his drawer.
a. for                    
b. to                           
c. of                  
d. on

87. Tracy doesn`t study as…..as her sister.
a. hard                      
b. harder                 
c. the hardest                     
d. hardly

88. I don`t have to wear……uniform to work.
a. -                       
b. an                    
c. the                   
d. a

89. It was difficult for the survivors to…….the freezing temperatures.
a. give up                         
b. cope with                      
c. get on                         
d. put off

90. It will only take us fifteen minutes to get there on…… It`s silly to drive.
a. bus                      
b. tram                     
c. train                      
d. foot

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Phrasal Verbs, Exercise 2

Choose the correct phrasal verb or / and preposition(s):

Now she …………….us as she got married…………….a manager.

a. looks above/to
b. look over/with
c. looks down on/to
d. looks up to/to

I hope this present has …….. the fact that I forgot your birthday.

a) set against           b) made up for    
c) settled up with     d) weighed up

You'll have to ____ if you want to get rid of that ache. Don't put ____ seeing your dentist. 

a) take out your tooth/up                 
b) get your tooth filled/off
c) take out your tooth/off                 
d) get your tooth filled/up

She does nothing but fret ____ her being overweight, yet she never tries to put an end ____ her craving ____ chocolate.

a) for/to/of       
b) at/at/in    
c) over/to/in                  
d) about/to/for

My sister's new laptop ____ quite often. The funny thing is that she always ____ by the people in the IT department.

a) breaks apart/has it upgraded            
b) crashes/had it seen to
c) breaks off/has it observed                
d) breaks down/has it checked

I fall ____ with my boss because he looks ____ me.

a) off/up to               
b) out /down on               
c) through/upon       
d) at / over

You have to comply ___ the rules in your department or you'll get ____.

a) with/sacked       b) on/fired             
c) in/retired            d) at/hired

You shouldn't frown ____ one trivial blunder! He was so engrossed ____ reading that he simply didn't ____ you.

a) over/with/observe     b) upon/in/notice     
c) with/in/greet              d) in/in/see

Last night there was a report about a mass ____ from a prison in Chicago during which five guards ____ dead as the prisoners were ____ their getaway.

a) break in/ have been shot/taking             
b) breakthrough/have shot/trying
c) breakout/were shot/making                   
d) break up/ were shooting/escaping

Mary's bad performance was put ____ her lack of practice.

a) off                           b) down to                        
c) up with                   d) on

The journalist was ____ that the actress would be there, so he could have been able to get an interview. Unfortunately, he ____ her bodyguard, who ____ out of nowhere.

a) called up/ didn't account for/came      
b) warned up/ hasn't thought about/turned up
c) spoken up/hadn't seen to/turned in     
d) tipped off/ hadn't allowed for/ cropped up

Mrs. Stewart can't go to work today because her child has gone ____ a mysterious illness. 
a) out with  b) down with  c) off to   d) in for