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Friday, August 11, 2017

Military Police Force Exam, 2016 Test

Choose the correct answer:

Can you find two - 2 - mistakes made in this test?

Ministerul Afacerilor Interne
Academia de Poliţie„Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Sesiunea iulie-august 2016


1) He ______ a lot of mistakes on the first page of the paper, and he ______the surface.
a) discovered/had only ruined
b) found/ was only scratching
c) searched/had just cracked
d) was spotting/unveiled

2) I am in the ______ as to where Christine was last night.
a) shade
b) dark
c) pink
d) black

3) No one _______________ me why I ______ to work yesterday.
a) has asked / didn't come
b) didn't ask / hadn't come
c) asks / hadn't come
d) would ask /wouldn't come

4) Nelson Mandela, who was born _____ a royal family, was elected president after ______27 years in prison.
a) to /he having served - incorrect answer/wrongly written
b) in/he serviced
c) at/serving
d) of/his stay

The correct answer should have sounded:
a) to / having served or he had served

5) Come what____, I will stand ____ you.
a) may/by
b) will/in for
c) should/next to
d) must/besides

6) Although it may not seem like it, _____________ to help me when I was in trouble.
a) he did try
b) he rather had tried
c) does he try
d) did he try

7) Leicester _______by the Romans, the Celtics and the Normans, _________have left their mark on the city.
a) has been conquered/all of them
b) is conquered/all of those
c) was conquered/ all of whom
d) had been conquered/all of whose

8) It ___________a wonderful hike, _____________we not got lost along the way.
a) would have been /had
b) could be / would
c) might have been / should
d) should be / might

9) "I can't drive," he says.
a) He says he could have driven.
b) He says he can't drive.
c) He says he ought to drive.
d) He says he mustn't driven

10) He shouldn't put so ______salt in his food, ________?
a) many/shouldn't he
b) much/shouldn't he
c) many/should he
d) much/ should he

11) Not until they _____________ the house later this morning, ______ cleaning the house.
a) did they leave /she would begin
b) do they leave / she will begin
c) will leave /will she begin
d) left /did she begin

12) Upset _______, she managed _________cheerfully.
a) as she was/behaving
b) though she was /to behave
c) although she is/to behave
d) as was she/behaving

13) After so much time, Robert finally ______________ his wife during the trial yesterday.
a) admitted to having killed
b) denied to have killed
c) claimed to having killed
d) denied to killing

14) _____________ your help, I wouldn't have been able to stop smoking.
a) But for
b) Hadn't it been
c) If it weren't
d) Providing

15) _______, few of the participants were _________ decriminalising prostitution.
a) Not surprisingly/ in support of
b) Not surprising/in support to
c) Unsurprisingly/in agreement of
d) Not surprisingly/in support about

16) How could Tom possibly lower _______ so as to accept such an atrocious proposal?
a) his
b) to him
c) himself
d) him

17) They claimed they _____ the room________before we came home.
a) painted/themselfes
b) have painted/themselfs
c) had painted/themselves
d) have painted/themselves

18) ________ Bermuda Triangle has received __________fame as _______ area of misfortune because ________ number of ships have disappeared there.
a) - / - / an / a
b) the /- / a / a
c) the / - / an / a
d) - / a / an / a

19) The police _____not to use force ____ the protesters _______violent action.
a) were instructed/unless/took
b) was instructed/if/did
c) have been instructed/whether/made
d) has been instructed/unless/took up

20) I wish she _____harder instead _____TV all the time.
a) studied/to watching
b) would study /of watching
c) will/of watching
d) studies/watching

21) I must ____ this painting ______- it might be valuable.
a) Have/look over
b) To have/ looked at
c) Have had/looked into
d) Have/ looked at

22) Dacă şi-ar fi luat tratamentul, n-ar mai fi bolnavă acum.
a) If she has taken her medication, she isn't ill now.
b) If she were taking the medication, she won't be ill now.
c) If she had taken the medication, she wouldn't be ill now.
d) If she has taken the medication, she wouldn't have been ill now.

23) I _________ Eddie half a dozen times but he _______ the phone.
Try once more. He ___________.
a) have been calling/ doesn't answer/ is sleeping
b) have called/ won't answer / is sleeping - this is the correct answer
c) called/ isn't answering/ has been sleeping
d) have called/ won't answer/ will be sleeping - this is the answer they provided; it`s completely wrong!!!

24) The head teacher ______ to ____him.
a) warned /expose
b) threatened /expel
c) will insist/have exempted
d) will caution/ repel

25) Shall we get _____? It's getting late.
a) to go
b) go
c) going
d) gone

26) We'd just been informed that Tom _____ our new CEO.
a) will be
b) was to be
c) has been
d) is being

27) I really enjoy ______, _______it's difficult.
a) sking/although
b) to ski/also
c) skiing/although
d) to ski/also

28) Jones ____________ the ball into the net and he ________ another goal!
a) kicks/ scored
b) kicks / scores
c) has kicked / scored
d) is kicking/ is scoring

29) All trains ______by the fog. It was after 10 ____we finally got home.
a) were delayed/ when
b) will be postponed/that
c) obstructed/when
d) were suspended/that

30) He didn't _______ the plot of the book so he couldn't _______ what the author wrote.
a) make out/ figure out
b) make up/ put up
c) take up/ look up
d) put out/ come across

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