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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Verb Tenses, Test 10

Rewrite the sentences, using the correct tense of the verbs in brackets (active or passive voice):

1.     I ... just ... (ring) the receptionist to say that the TV was not working in my room when the engineer arrived to fix it.

2.     I had invited Pat and Peter for supper at 8.00, but I didn’t start getting things ready until 7.30 because I knew they ... (be) late. They always were.

3.     We all ... (realize) what a lucky escape we (have).

4.     A friend of mine ... (return) to his house after a holiday to find it ... (break into).

5.     None of his teachers understood how he ...(succeed) in ... (pass) the exam.

6.     I ... (write) to the suppliers asking why the goods ... (not arrive) yet. They replied to say the commodities ... (already send).

7.     Once they settle the agenda, the committee ... (circulate) it to all members of the society.

8.     Nothing ... (move) in the room until the police ... (take) photos.

9.     He avoided ... (sign) the agreement until after certain points ... (clear up).

10.   She admitted ... (steal) some cosmetics from that shop.

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