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Thursday, February 16, 2017

If Clause, Exercise 14

If you don`t stop now, you ---- them all before he gets here.
a.     will be using
b.     are using
c.     have used
d.     will have used

----------- some food in the house, the cats -------- for a week.
a.     Unless she hasn`t left / starved
b.     If she would have left / hadn`t been starving
c.     Even if she left / wouldn`t be starving
d.     Had she left / wouldn`t have been starving

----------, I`m sure he would have gone to bed.
a.      Had he been sleepy  
b. Unless he had been sleepy
c. However he had been sleepy   
d. As if he had been sleepy

If I -------- hard when I was young, I ------ where I am now.
a. hadn`t worked / wouldn`t be    
b. didn`t work / wouldn`t be
c.  hadn`t worked / won`t be   
d. haven`t worked / won`t have been

Daca n-ai fi fost tu sa ne imprumuti bani, ne-am fi dus la banca.
a. If it hadn`t been for you to lend us the money, we would have gone to the bank.
b. But for you not to lend us the money, we would go to the bank.
c.  If it weren`t for you to lend us the money, we went to the bank.
d.  Hadn`t been you to lend us the money, we would have gone to the bank.

 If they -------- the ferry, they ------ here now.
a. catch / are                           
b. will catch / will be
c. have caught / have been           
d. had caught / would be

If she ----- the train, she should be here now.
a. hadn`t missed       
b. doesn`t miss
c. hasn`t missed        
d. didn`t miss

If she hadn`t got back so late last night, she ---- to work on time.
a. isn`t coming
b. doesn`t come
c. won`t come      
d. would have come

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