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Welcome !

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Verb Tenses, Test 8

Choose the correct answer:

1. I ________ you were waiting for me.
a) didn't know   b) haven't known

 2. I ________ this happy in many years.
 a) wasn't           b) haven't been

3. I ________ you at the mall last Sunday.
a) have seen            b) saw 

4.I ________ here five years ago.
a) moved         b) have moved

5. P1: Have you spoken to her? 
    P2: Yes, I ________.
a) have           b) did

6. You spoke to her on Monday? What ________?
a) has she said            b) did she say

7. P1: What did you tell her?  
    P2: I ________ her the truth.
a) told            b) have told

8. I ________ to his new apartment.
a) wasn't                  b) haven't been

9. When ________ you? Last week.
a) has he called         b) did he call

10. That is the best song ________!
a) I've ever heard          b) I ever heard

11. I ______ all the washing up since morning
a) have been doing        b) had been doing

12. She ____ a shower when her mother entered the house.
a) had been having          b) was having

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