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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns Exercise

Choose the correct answer:

1. She's not his friend, she's ---(my/mine). 

2. Robert didn't drink his own coffee. He drank ---(her/hers). 

3. That is one of ---(hers/her) friends. 

4. His neighborhood is safe, while ---(my/mine) neighborhood isn't. 

5. His neighborhood is safe, while --- (my/mine) isn't. 

6. Did ---(your/yours) mother call? 

7. I don't know ---(them/their) very well. 

8. I don't know ---(them/their) daughter very well. 

9. I talked to ---(my/me) grandmother for three hours last night. 

10. I think I got my notes mixed up with ---(your/yours). 

Choose the correct answer:

Where is my/mine book?

Here is our/ours teacher.

She goes to school with (she) her/hers brother.

Their/Theirs father works in a car factory.

Yours /Your laptop is very expensive.

His / He`s favorite hobby is tennis.

Mine / My husband and I want to go to Paris.

We want to see  its/it`s historical monuments.

Leila likes hers / her dog !

It`s / Its name is Bobby.

Choose the right possessive adjective:

Two students didn't do their/theirs mathematics homework.

I have a car. Mine / My car is black.

We have a dog. Its / It`s name is Pancho.

Nancy is from England. Her / Hers husband is from Australia.

John and Nadia go to a high school. Theirs / Their little brother goes to primary school.

Mr. O'Brian has a van. His/ He`s van is very old.

We go to a high school. Our/ Ours high school is fantastic.

I like singing. Mine / My mother sings with me.

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