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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Miscellaneous, Test 9

Choose the correct answer:

He had to take the dog out ... of the terrible weather.:
a) even though;   b) in spite;   
c) although;         d) no matter.

We'll have to wait here until the doctor ...:
a) arrives;          b) arrive;    
c) will arrive;     d) would arrive

You ... watered the flowers because Jenny had already done it before leaving the house.:
a) needn't has;              b) can't have been;
c) shouldn't had;           d) needn't have

It's snowing outside and they are not wearing their coats; they ... be freezing.:
a) couldn't;      b) can't;     
c) needn't;       d) must.

The old man asked me where ... .:
a) is the railway station;
b) the railway station would be;
c) was the railway station;
d) the railway station was.

If you had looked more carefully, you ... him at the library yesterday:
a) will see;   b) would see;   
c) see;          d) would have seen.

I ... fairy tales when I was a kid:
a) used to read;      
b) used to reading;
c) am used to reading;     
d) was used to read.

Students are not allowed to bring ... and ... to school:
a) knifes/ stics;         b) knives/ stiks;
c) knives/ sticks;       d) knifes/ sticks.

Countries involved in conflicts need a(n) ... and much ... concerning the management of the crisis:
a) advise/ information;          
b) piece of advice/ information;
c) piece of advise/ information;       
d) advice/ informations.

The teacher gave us ... homework to do:
a) several;             b) many;
c) too much;          d) a few.

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