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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

If Clause, Exercise 16

Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

If I ______________(stay) in Winchester, I would have found a new girlfriend.

He would do more to help the poor if he ___________(be) the Pope.

If he goes to London on a business trip, he often ______(visit) Soho.

We won't go to the film unless they _______________(arrive) in the next 5 minutes.

She ________________(buy) a new car if she had had the money.

If Mary were me, she ____________(go) to Manchester immediately. 

They will talk to Jack if he ___________(come).

Maria comes to work 30 minutes late if her child ________(miss) the bus to school.

If Peter _______________(think) twice, he wouldn't have made such a stupid mistake.

Casey __________(become) a university lecturer if she studies hard. 

If they _____________(know) all the facts, they would have found the defendant guilty.

Unless she _____________(hurry up), they will never arrive on time. 

If I were in charge, I _____(change) the standard business routines.

He takes his daughter out to dinner, if she ________(come) to town.

She will call you tomorrow if she ______(have) time.

Tony hates being short. He would be happier if he _____  (be) taller.

If you ________(come) with us last week, you would have seen some amazing things.

If it rains, we ________ (not go) on the trip.

I’m sorry you don’t know her. If you knew her, you _____ (like) her.

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