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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gerund & Infinitive, Test 1

Decide whether to use Infinitive (with/without to) or Gerund.
What can we do live / living / to live a healthy life?
In our society, people spend more and more time work / to work / working.
So we often don't bother preparing / to prepare / prepare healthy meals.
In order to save time, we tend to buy / buying / buy  fast food.
At fast food restaurants, we can to eat /  eat / eating quite a lot without having to pay a fortune.
And children enjoy to eat / eating / eat chips and burgers and drinking lemonade and cola.
That's a problem because eating habits are hard shaking /to shake / shake.
The high amount of carbohydrates in fast food and sugary drinks is blamed for / to destabilize / destabilizing / destabilize the body's regulation of appetite.
So we keep on to want / wanting / want to eat more.
Bad eating habits result in people become / becoming / to become obese.
Obese people risk suffer / to suffer / suffering from heart diseases.
We can avoid risk / to risk / risking such diseases by choosing to eat healthy food.
Be careful though. Some people are convinced to do something for their health by live / to live / living on energy bars or cornflakes.
And this is what the advertising for these products wants to make us think / to think / thinking.
In reality, however, these foods are often heavily sugared / to give / giving / give  them flavour.
But sugar is not mentioned as clearly as the low fat - that's why experts warn against to rely / relying / rely on the ads.
To live a healthy life, we ought / choose / to choose / choosing our food wisely.
We should eat regular meals and try finding / to find / find ways of exercising more.

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