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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Present Tense Simple vs. Present Tense Continuous, Test 1

Choose the correct sentence or sentences.

a. The plane leaves at 3 o`clock.
b. The plane is leaving at 3 o`clock.

a. She is always making noise at night.
b. She always makes noise at night.

a. She is not believing me now.
b. She does not believe me now.

a. He is having a shower now.
b. She is having a new house now.
c. She has a house now.

a. They are remembering all the facts at this moment.
b. They remember all the facts at this moment.

a. Listen to me ! You are not doing the right thing.
b. Listen to me ! You don`t do the right thing.

a. Take care ! You are running too fast and you will get very soon tired.
b. Take care ! You run too fast and you will get very soon tired.

a. She is studying to become a doctor.
b. She studies to become a doctor now.

a. I generally don`t drink wine.
b. I am not drinking wine at this moment.

10. Translate each of the following sentences:

a. What do you do?
b. What are you doing ?
c. How do you do ?

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