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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If Clause, Exercise 9

Choose the correct answer:

1) If I were a good cook, I __________________ your favourite meal.
had cooked         
would have cooked                
would cooked

2) If you __________________ to study medicine ten years ago, you would be a doctor now.
would have decided               
hadn't decided                 
had decided

3) If I had won the Lotto yesterday, I __________________ across the world today
had flown              
would be flying                     
would have flown

4) If she __________________ two hours ago, I would be angry now.
would have                       
hadn't arrived

5) If I were rich, I __________________ that palace last month.
had bought                  
would have bought

6) If I __________________ to work this morning, I would have been able to dance for long hours yesterday
hadn't gone                        
would gone                     
wouldn't go

7) If you __________________ the laptop yesterday, you would be using it today.
hadn't bought                       
had bought                         
would buy

8) If you hadn't met her last year, you __________________ problems now.
weren't have                 
wouldn't be having                     
had had

9) If I __________________ you, I would have sold this house as soon as possible.
had been                

10) If I__________________ completely exhausted, I would have gone with Tom to the opera tonight.
would be                 

11) If I __________________ so fast, I wouldn't have got the speeding ticket.
hadn't driven                    
had driven                        
would have driven

12) If you __________________ what your parents said, you would be rich now.
had done                  
would have done

13) Nick would have passed that English exam if he __________________ lazy.
hadn't been                 
would have had

14) If I had been you, I __________________ your mother about it yesterday.
would told               
would have told            
had told

15) If you had taken the job, you __ much more now.
would be earning            
had earned           
would have earn 

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