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Friday, December 13, 2013

Verb Tenses, Test 1


Choose the correct answer.

1. Who ---- food in your family when your Mom is away?
cooks   is cooking    has been cooking   cooked

2. Where is John? He ---- his car in the garage.
 repairs   is repairing   has repaired   repaired

3. I love this film. I ---- it four or five times already.
  see        have seen             had seen

4. Have you visited any European countries? – Yes. I ---- Spain and Italy two years ago.
  visited     have visited     had visited

5. She ---- the living room when she heard a strange noise in the kitchen.
has cleaned   has been cleaning  was cleaning

6. I envy you. At five tomorrow you ---- some tan on a nice beach in Greece.
   will get    will be getting    will have got    will have been getting

7. You arrived two days ago. You are going to leave next Sunday. By the time you leave, you ----  nine days here.
spend    have spent    are spending    will have spent

8. Where is he? I ---- for him since three o'clock!
am waiting   have been waiting    was waiting     had been waiting

9. I went to Belgium last month. I ---- there before. It's a beautiful country.
have never been    had never been   never was    never been

10. He said that his mother would be very upset when she ---- that he had lost his job.
 learns     learned   had learned     would learn

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