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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gerund & Infinitive, Test 2

Choose the correct form of the verbs (infinitive or gerund):

1.    I am keen on (to work, working) in the computer industry.
2.    Amy decided (to see, seeing) a doctor.
3.    Leila enjoys (to read, reading) love stories.
4.    Do you intend (to learn, learning) Italian or English?
5.    Do you mind (to help, helping) me wash the dishes?
6.    Alan asked (to talk, talking) to the boss
7.    I can't help (to laugh, laughing) when I watch Mr. Been.
8.    If Sara keeps (to come, coming) to work late, she'll have problems with the boss.
9.    Lisa hates (to study, studying) Maths.
10.Are you interested in (to live, living) in Africa ?

Correct the following sentences:

He helped me solving my problems.

The policeman ordered me stop.

You shouldn't risk to lose your reputation.

I advised him stopping. Don't worry.

I'll remember calling you tonight.

Listen, Derek failed passing his final exams!

Do you think it's worth to buy it?
The test turned out being easy.

Do you prefer swim?

Did she continue teaching ?

Choose the correct answer:

1.  (To marry/Marrying) a knight in shining armor is the dream of many girls. 

2.  I shudder (to think/thinking) that I almost lost everything in the stock market.

3.  We dislike (to drink/drinking) soda from a can.

4.  The problem has been fixed.  You may resume (to answer/answering) the telephones.

5.  Sharon volunteered (to help/helping) the student with his math.

6.  They studied at Beijing University (To study/Studying) at Beijing University was a dream come true.

7.  She paid the mechanic (to fix/fixing) the car.

8.  My wife reminded me (to go/going) to the doctor’s office today.

9.  I would like (to thank/thanking) everyone for this award.

10. Which is correct ?

a. Christine quit to teach.      b. Christine quit teaching.

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