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Monday, September 29, 2014

Miscellaneous, Test 6

Choose the correct sentence:

1. Do you know where is the station ?
2. Do you know where the station is ?

1. Did you know where the station was ?
2. Did you know where was the station ?

Write the plural forms of the following nouns:
mouse                                     child
analysis                                  phenomenon
datum                                     nucleus
formula                                  vita
medium                                  series
fish                                        foot
tooth                                      leaf
loaf                                        aircraft
crossroads                             deer
sheep                                     goose

Choose the correct answer:
The cattle is / are grazing in the field.
My savings is / are on my credit card.
This / These information is / are correct.
Bad news don`t / doesn`t make people happy / happily.
The poor is looking / are looking for a shelter.
You mayn`t go out / may not go out.
What does "day in day out" mean ?

Question tags:
1. Let me help you,
2. Let them go,
3. Let`s go out,
4. Nobody was there,
5. Nothing came in the post,
6. I am an engineer,
7. She`d rather do her homework,
8. He`d better write the essay,
9. I`d have won that contest if you`d let me know about it,
10. They`d like to help him,

1. Far be it from me the idea,,,
2. She`d like to help you off and on.
3. Call off that meeting, please !
4. I`m not going there anymore. I`ve made up my mind.
5. Try as I might, I couldn`t do that again.

Choose the correct sentence:
1. Would you like to help him ? / Would you like helping him?
2. Would you mind to help him? / Would you mind helping him?
3. I wouldn`t object to go there / I wouldn`t object to going there.
4. I won`t risk to go there / I won`t risk going there.
5. I am at Heathrow airport. I arrived in / at London.
6. When did you last see Jane ? / When have you last seen Jane ?
7. The police are looking after / looking into the case.
8. Don`t lean to the wall / Don`t lean against the wall !
9. He tried to stay calm / calmly while the police was / were taking the body.
10. I feel sadly / sad today.
11. The dog smells something under the bed / The dog smells bed / The dog smells bad.
12. I think he fails if he doesn`t study hard / hardly.

Use modal verbs to rephrase the following sentences.
1. I advise you to go there right away.
2. They managed to pass the exam.
3. You have the obligation to obey the rules.
4. I guess he fails if he doesn`t study hard.
5. You don`t have to leave.

- from dawn to dusk
- now and then
- now and again
- to be aware of
- to be taken aback
- day after day
- ash / ashes
- by heart
- to turn down
- shallow waters

Scrieti echivalentele verbale ale urmatoarelor modale: can, may, must 

Write the corresponding nouns of the following adjectives:
wide                                   strong
long                                   boring
lucky                                 dead
wise                                  horrible

What is the difference between:
- much exercise / many exercises
- Whom did you talk to ? / Who did you talk to?
- He stopped to smoke / He stopped smoking
- He remembered locking the door / He remembered to lock the door.

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