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Monday, October 6, 2014

Miscellaneous, Test 7

Fill in blanks using the words EITHER / NEITHER or BOTH

1. A: Would you like a piece of sandwich or some biscuits?
B: ___________, if possible. I’m extremely hungry.

2. A: Who would you like to go with, Peter or Andrew?
B: ___________, I’m afraid. I hate both of them.

 3. A: Will you drink whiskey or do you prefer martini?
 B: ___________, I really don’t care that much.

4. A: Where did you spend your vacation, Venice or Paris?
B: _________, I was in Holland.

5. A: Which restaurant shall we go?
B: ___________, I really don’t mind.

Conjunctions Such or So

Add such or so to the following sentences.

1. The wind was ____________ strong that it blew my hat off my head.
2. Sue is ______________ a good pianist that I’m surprised she didn’t go into music professionally.
3. The radio was_____________ loud that I couldn’t hear what Michael was saying.
4. The food was_____________ hot that it burned my tongue.
5. Alison did______________ a poor job that she was fired.
6. Small animals in the forest move about ___________ quickly that one can barely catch a glimpse of them.
7. Charles and his brother are ____________hard- working carpenters that I’m sure they’ll make a success of their new business.
8. The children had __________ much fun at the carnival that they begged to go again.
9. There are__________ many leaves on a single tree that it is impossible to count them.
13. ___________ few students signed up for the course that it was canceled.
14. I feel like I have ____________ little energy that I wonder if I’m getting
15. She is ____________an intelligent girl that she was hired immediately.

Due To / Since / Consequently

Complete the sentences with due to, since. or consequently.
1. ______________his poor eyesight, John has to sit in the front row in class.

2. _____________ John has poor eyesight, he has to sit in the front row.

3. John has poor eyesight.______________, he has to sit in the front row.

4. Sarah is afraid of heights. __________ ,she will not walk across a bridge.

5. Sarah will not walk across a bridge __________ her fear of heights.

6. ______________ a camel can go completely without water for eight to ten days, it is an ideal animal for desert areas.

7. Mark is overweight. ___________ ,his doctor has advised him to exercise regularly.


REMEMBER: Several responses might be acceptable - choose the best one:

1. Go ___________ ( = continue), tell me the rest of the story.
a) on b) in c) at  

2. I give ___________! I don’t’ know what the answer is.
a) out b) up c) in

3. To find an answer = To ___________ an answer
a) come to with b) come on with c) come up with

4. They were very hospitable. They put me ___________ ( = had me as a guest) for five days.
a) off b) up c) on

5. The teacher ___________ ( = distributed) the worksheets.
a) handed out b) handed on c) handed down

6. Which of the following phrases does NOT mean “wait”?
a) Hold on b) Hang on c) Hang up

7. When the phone rings, you pick it up. When you’re finished talking, you--
a) hang up b) hang on c) hang in

8. I like ___________ ( = spending time) with my friends at the mall.
a) hanging up b) hanging out c) hanging at

9. I just can’t ___________ ( = accept/forget) how rude he was to you.
a) get over b) go over c) get by

10. You should ___________ ( = take a look at) this site! I really think you’ll like it.
a) check up b) check out c) check in

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