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Friday, October 31, 2014

Subject - Verb Agreement, Exercise 1

Underline the correct verb form:

Everyone has done / have  done his or her homework.

Somebody has left / have left her purse.

Some of the water is gone / are gone.

None of the students has done / have done their homework.

Everyone has finished / have finished his or her homework.

Each of the students is responsible / are responsible for doing his or her work in the library.

The mayor as well as his brothers is going / are going to prison.

The mayor and his brothers is  going / are going to jail.

Neither of the two traffic lights is working / are working.

Which shirt do you want for Christmas? Either is fine / are fine with me.

Either my father or my brothers is going / are going to sell the house.

Neither my brothers nor my father is going / are going to sell the house.

Is / Are either my brothers or my father responsible?

Is / Are either my father or my brothers responsible?

There is / There are two reasons  for this.

There is / There are no reason for this.

Here is / are two apples.

The mayor, who has been convicted along with his four brothers, is finally going / are finally going to jail.

My glasses was / were on the bed.

My pants was torn / were torn.

A pair of  trousers is / are in the closet.

The news from the front is bad / are bad.

Measles is / are a dangerous disease for pregnant women.

The average worker's earnings has gone up / have gone up dramatically.

Our thanks go/ goes to the workers who supported the union.

Some of the voters is still angry / are still angry.

A large percentage of the older population is voting / are voting against her.

Two-fifths of the troops was lost / were lost in the battle.

Two-fifths of the vineyard was destroyed / were destroyed by fire.

Forty percent of the students is in favor / are in favor of changing the policy.

Forty percent of the student body is in favor / are in favor of changing the policy.

Two and two is four / are four.

Four times four divided by two is eight / are eight.

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