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Friday, September 19, 2014

Conditionals, Exercise 7

Find the best answer(s); there might be more than one correct answer.
I'll go fishing on Sunday if the weather ____ sunny.
is                     stays                            
will be             will keep

Dora will take the children to the zoo in the afternoon if it ____ .
won't rain                     isn't raining                        doesn't rain                  will be sunny

I'll tell you about it later - but only if you ____ me.
will ask                           help                       ask                                  will help

Sheila will take your overcoat to the cleaner's if you ____ time.
don't have                       won't have             
haven't got                      bring it in

If you don't repair my umbrella, I ____ go out with you in such a rain.
wouldn't                       don't                             won't                            shouldn't

Nobody ____ you on the road if you put on a police uniform.
stops                        will stop                          would stop              should stop

What will you do if she ____ take the money from the bank?
didn't               couldn't                                 shouldn't         doesn't

You would arrive in time if you ____ a taxi to the station.
take                    took                        
will take             would take

I'd buy a white Rolls Royce if I ____ a heap of money.
had                                    won                  
would have                       could win

Would you take me to the cinema if I ____ the tickets?
bought                   booked                            
would book            will book

Dora would never ask such a silly question if she ____ as clever as you.
would be                       was                         were                              had been

Sheila's uncle would lend her his car if she ____ a bit more careful.
was                                were                          
would be                       had been                     

If I were you I ____ more time on sports instead of sitting in dusty libraries.
spend                       would spend               
spent                        will spend

You ____ that if you knew what I know.

don't say                         haven't said                    wouldn't say                  didn't say

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