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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time Clause, Exercise 1

Time clauses

  The future simple is not used in time clauses, the simple present tense being used instead.
   Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense (present or future).

1  When he (return) I'll give him the key.
2  He'll be ready as soon as you (be).
3  I'll stay in bed till the clock (strike) seven.
4  She will be delighted when she (hear) this.
5  When the laundry comes I (have) some clean handkerchiefs.
6  I shan't buy tomatoes till the price (come) down.
7  Stay here till the lights (turn) green.
8  When it (get) cold I'll light the fire.
9  The lift (not start) until you press that button. 
10  She'll have to behave better when she (go) to school.
11  When you look at yourself in the glass you (see) what I mean.
12  He (be) here before you go.
13  I (lend) you my cassette recorder whenever you want it.
14  He (wake) up when we turn the lights on. ,
15  He (ring) us up when he arrives in England?
16  He will wash up before he (go) to bed.
17  I won't come to London till the bus strike (be) over. 
18  I (give) the children their dinner before he (come) home. 
19  They will be astonished when they (see) how slowly he works.
20  I'll pay you when I (get) my cheque. 
21  I (go) on doing it until he tells me to stop. 
22  I'll buy that house when I (have) enough money. 
23  You (fall) rapidly through the air till your parachute opens. 
24  We'll have to stay here till the tide (go) out.
25  When the Queen (arrive) the audience will stand up.
26 When the fog (lift) we'll be able to see where we are.
27 The refrigerator (go on) making that noise till we have it repaired.
28 As soon as the holidays begin this beach (become) very crowded.
29 The car (not move) till you take the brake off.
30 The alarm bell (go on) ringing till you press this button.
31 As soon as she (learn) to type I'll get her a job.
32 Look before you (leap). (proverb)
33 We (have) to stay on this desert island till we can repair our boat.
34 Don't count on a salary increase before you actually (get) it.
35 When winter (begin) the swallows will fly away to a warmer country.
36 We can't make any decision till he (arrive) here.

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