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Welcome !

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Inversion, Exercise 2

No sooner……..home …….the storm broke…..
a. I had reached / then / off
b. had I reached / than / up
c. I reached /when / out
d. had I reached /than / out

Little ….about the plot of that novel.
a) do I remember    
b) I remembered    
c) do I remind     
d) I remind

No sooner…their plan,…something terrible… .
a) had they achieved / than / occurred 
b) had they achieved / when / had occurred
c) have they achieved / scarcely / occurred 
d) have they achieved / than / has occurred

Only if you ____, ____ become an authority ___ medical research.
a) will practise/you will/in                      
b) practise/you will/in
c) have practised/you will/on                 
d) practise/will you/on

Only after_________ the pub_______ that his wallet ________.
a) leaving / did he realize / had been stolen       
b) living / did he realize / had been stolen 
c) leaving / did he realized / had been stolen
d) leaving / did he realize / has been stolen

Not only … being told what to do, but he also resents … things imposed by others.
a) does he hate / doing   
b) he hates / doing   
c) does he hate / to do    
d) he hates / to do

Only after a few minutes _______who they____.
a) I realised/had been     
b) did I manage/are    
c) did I realise/ were   
d) I managed

______ you, I_____ about the outcome of the project.
a) Had I been/ hadn't complained                 
b) Were I/ wouldn't complain
c) Instead of you/hadn't complain                 
d) If I am/ hadn't complained

Under no circumstances _____________ that event to him.
a) you must mention    b) you should mention 
c) might you mention   d) must you mention

In no way ___________________ question his honesty, although I think that he made some wrong decisions.
a) did I ever             b) I ever did          
c) had I ever            d) I had ever

Hardly _____________________ we were told that it would soon be time for lunch.
a) we had finished breakfast that          
b) had we finished breakfast that
c) had we finished breakfast when       
d) we had finished breakfast when

At no time before I accepted the job ___________________ that I would have to do so much travelling around the country.
a) did they told              b) I was told      
c) I had been told          d) was I told