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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Miscellaneous, Test 13

Choose the correct answer:
1. It is most expensive of / more expensive than I thought.
2. Chennai is the hotter of / hotter than Mumbai.
3. Susie is the prettier / the prettiest of the two sisters.
4. Mary is the best student / most good student in the class.
5. He is not as successful as / not like succesfull as his brother.
6. The car is running smoothly / more smoothliest since it had a service.
7. It was the most expensive / the more expensive dress I have ever worn.
8. It was ten times more difficult than / ten times most difficult then I expected.
9. I can walk three times further than you / three times farther than you.
10. He is twice as lively as / twice as lively his brother.
11. He explained it careful / carefully, but I was still none the wiser.
12. The more information that comes in, the more confused the picture is / the more confusing the picture is.
13. They knelt in front of the child who would / will one day rule their country.

14. How many people can / might get into a telephone booth?

15. I would / will not do this if I did not have to.

16. If you stopped talking, I could / used to get some work done.

17. Need I get / Need I to get a visa for Malaysia?

18. You had better / would better start saying thank-you.

19. Let’s go for a walk, shall we / will we?

20. You must not to / don’t need to work on Sundays.

21. She really ought to / would mend her ways.

22. She can / may speak six languages.

23. Life used to / uses to be more interesting when I was a child.

24. Granny could / used to always bring us nice gifts.

25. She said I could / could to  come as often as I liked.

26. I would have married / could have married her, if I had wanted to.

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