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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Academia de Politie *Alexandru Ioan Cuza*, Test 2017

1. __    had we arrived at the beach, when it ___pouring with rain.
a. Hardly / started                                  
b. No sooner / has started
c. The minute / started                           
d. As soon as / began

2. He explained __________ that unless he_________, he_________to go to prison.
a. to me / testified / would have       
b. me / didn`t testify / would have had
c. to me / would testify / had            
d. me / had testified / was

3. I have explained that she _________ the flute this time tomorrow.
a. was going to play                        b. will play
c. will be playing                            d. would be playing

4. Not until _____________ the trophy___________a speech in front of a large audience.
a. was she presented with / made          
b. she was presented / she has made
c. she was presented with / did she make     
d. she was offered / she made

5. Cand ti se va da acest telefon inteligent, sora ta iti va fi cumparat deja inca unul.
a. When you are given this smartphone, your sister will have already bought you another one.
b. When you will be given this smartphone, your sister will have already bought you another one.
c. When you are given this smartphone, your sister will have already buy you another one.
d. When are you given this smartphone, your sister will have already bought you another one.

6. She locked the door to avoid ______and slept like______.
a. being disturbed / a log                      
b. to be disturbed / a log
c. disturbing / a wood                           
d. to have been disturbed / a bear

7. A gold medal was shining on his chest. But for his parents` support, he ______ the first prize.
a. hadn`t won                             
b. wouldn`t have won
c. wouldn`t win                          
d. didn`t win

8. If I ________ a busy person, I ______them on that trip last weekend.
a. weren`t / would have joined            
b. hadn`t been / would join
c. wouldn`t be / would have joined     
d. weren`t / had joined

9. Unless you ________for help, you never______any support. That is the rule in our institution.
a. ask / get                           
b. will ask / get
c. don`t ask / will get          
d. ask / would get

10. We didn`t realize how serious the situation was.
a. Little did we realize how serious the situation was.
b. Little did we realize how serious was the situation.
c. Little we realized how serious the situation was.
d. Little had we realized how serious the situation had been.

11. __________you, I _____________everybody to do_______best to get over their differences.
a. Had I been / would have adviced / their
b. If I have been / would have advised / their
c. Had I been / would have adviced / its
d. Had I been / would have advised / their

12. A: `I will never __________this person again.`
      B: `_________.`
a. rely on / Neither will I.                       
b. rely in / Neither will I.
c. rely on / Neither won`t I.                    
d. rely on / Neither am I.

13. I need to learn lots of details about the Russian Revolution as we are having a test tomorrow! If only I _______ concentrate properly!
a. could                          
b. could have
c. can                             
d. am able to

14. He bought_____ for the trip lest he_______while hiking in the mountains.
a. some compasses / shouldn`t get lost        
b. a compass / should get lost
c. a compas / might get lost                  
d. some compasses / couldn`t get lost

15. I`d sooner he _______ . ________he done this, he wouldn`t____in prison now.
a. stayed with us / Would /  have been     
b. had stayed with us / Had / be
c. has stayed with us / Hadn`t / be           
d. didn`t leave / Have / have got

16. Bad news always _______me feel______.
a. make / miserable                    
b. makes / miserable
c. makes / miserably                  
d. make / miserably

17. I hardly know______in the neighbourhood who thinks _____ so of themselves!
a. anybody / highly               
b. nobody / highly
c. anybody / high                  
d. somebody / high

18. _______________, terrorism and globalization are two widespread____
a. In my standpoint / phenomenons    
b. From my standpoint / phenomenon
c. From my standpoint / phenomena   
d. By my standpoint / phenomena

19. You should avoid______so much on clothes. It has become typical ____you to spend money like_____.
a. to spend / for / nothing       
b. spending / of / water
c. spending / for / a tycoon     
d. to spend / of / thin air

20. __________the end of the week, we_______in Spain for a fortnight.
a. By / will have been       
b. Over / will have been
c. On / have been              
d. By / will be

21. What _______in ten _____time?
       I_______for this company for over a decade.
a. will you do / years / will be working
b. will you be doing / years / will have been working
c. will you have been doing / years / will have worked
d. will you be doing / years / will be working

22. It`s not worth________ to make yourself understood, they______ attention anyway.
a. trying / are not giving up        
b. to try / are not paying
c. try / are not paying                 
d. trying / are not paying

23. She clearly remembers ______the door before leaving the house and she can`t understand why______ open when she came back from work.
a. to lock / it was                
b. locking / was it
c. having locked / was it     
d. locking / it was

24. I can`t understand why she ______so stubborn today; _____she is more flexible,________?
a. is being / normaly /isn`t she       
b. is being / normally / isn`t she
c. is / normally / isn`t it        
d. has been / normaly / is she

25. If he________ in due time, which I _______, I _______let you know.
a. will arrive / strongly doubted / dare to
b. should arrive / doubt / will
c. might have arrived / would doubt / am bound to
d. happens to arrive / strong doubt / had better

26. Billy wants to buy the boat before his wife has_________.
a. a change of soul              
b. a shift in heart
c. a change of heart             
d. a swift of head

27. Three people have been arrested for _______possession of armaments in a police____.
a. ilegal / raid    
b. illegal / rail
c. illegal / raid   
d. unlegal / reid

28. There should be at least five extinguishers on _____. You _____ worry.
a. the premise / needn`t have to                    
b. the market / mustn`t
c. this building / ought to not                        
d. the premises / don`t need to

29. `I broke my leg while I was skiing`, she said.
a. She said she had broken her leg while skiing.
b. She said she had broke her leg while skiing.
c. She said she has broken her leg when she was skiing.
d. She said she had been breaking her leg when she was skiing.

30. A: `What did Peter suggest?`
      B: `He suggested ________ on a trip the next day`.
a. going
b. us to go
c. we to go
d. to going

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